Making the Most of the Poo Free Summer (Plus a GIVEAWAY)

Wipes Blogger Badge 6.28.2010 FINAL Apparently Silas feels as though I am not appropriately earning my keep as a member of the Poo Free Parent Squad. Apparently he thinks that we need to really, really, really test out these Huggies wipes. Because the boy? He won’t.stop.pooping. Granted this could be a cause and effect thing because he also won’t.stop.eating. But dude. This is getting ridiculous.

Now let’s be completely honest. We have always been a “regular” family. You know what I’m saying? Like constipation has never been a problem. But still, this boy is trying to set records. Today I HEARD him poop from halfway across the room. HEARD HIM. I fought through the fear and brought him over to the changing table to discover such nastiness the diaper should have come with a gas mask.

Then do you know what that sweet, sweet boy did? He DID IT AGAIN!! Like 5 minutes later. What are we feeding this kid?? Fortunately this poo occurred close enough to the hour that the hubby comes home that I could pass it off to the next man in the relay. I think it is in my parenting contract that I don’t change more than 3 diapers a day. Ugh.

I have loved my partnership with Huggies. I am devoted customer for life. Seriously, I stumbled upon a competitors container this week that had some left and went to use them and could not believe how flimsy they were. How did I not notice this before? I would love for you to become a fan as well. I have five boxes of Huggies Wipes to give away to a lucky reader. To enter, simply leave a comment with a funny poo story of your own. Contest ends next Monday August 30th when a winner will be picked at random.

Huge thanks to Huggies for providing me with a supply of wipes and compensating me for my time as a Poo Free Parent Squad ambassador. As always, all opinions stated are mine.


  1. Huggies have always been my favorite wipes. I buy “the other guys” wipes when there’s a deal I can’t pass up, but we typically use them for clean-up after meals, not for diaper changes. My latest poop misadventure was when my 17-month-old son came walking out of his room looking at his hands. Lo and behold he had messed in his diaper and then reached back to scratch an itch….EEEWWWW. Used lots of Huggies wipes for that mess!
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  2. courtney says:

    as a daycare worker my days are filled with poo stories. My favorite one being the day sweet little boy painted his crib with poo. I had to take the whole crib apart and reassemble after cleaning. as for sweet little boy, he got a bath in the sink!

  3. lmao. you made me laugh so good-i’ve had those poops, and will casually send my daughter to go find nana while i hide in the bathroom.Huggies Wipes will always be the only wipes I trust-i bought a generic bran once and was stuffing them in the garbage when no one was looking I hated them so much.My greatest poop story just went into the baby book, [shes going to love that one] and happened as follows. i left my hubby in charge one night while i went to do the dishes. i left the water running in the bathtub and minutes later i hear him screamin “tara help! i need you! i cant control it!” so i run back to our room and he has my daughter on our new bed with new sheets and a new comforter. i look down at my daughter and she is trying to EAT her poopy diaper-i’ve got no idea how hubby let her get it. she had poop all over her and my bed :( i took the diaper away and wiped her off and handed her to my hubby to drop in the tub. her put her in the tub and start calling for me again-i get into the bathroom and she had peed all over him. i started laughing until i looked in the tub and realized she pooped again. i have never had a problem like that ever again, and i handle most of the diapers now. lol. by the time all 3 of us got cleaned up there was poop on everyone and spread between both rooms. i would up putting sleeping bags on the matress that night. In the morning when I went to do the wash, I found that our Cat had slept in these poopy sheets and blankets in the basement. ugggh. I gave up and shaved the cat. (side note: siamese cats don’t look good naked.) Lol!
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  4. When my daughter was a newborn she pooped her pants. My husband went to change her. Once the diaper was off she decided to continue her business. It went all over the place. I cleaned the bed, the floor, the wall, my husband, and my daughter. My husband, being a new dad, called for help. I came in the room and promptly fell on the floor laughing. I was no help! We have lots of poop stories but that’s my favorite!
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  5. No funny poo stories yet, because I’m still expecting our first- but I’m sure the stories will roll in once the baby comes in a few months!
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  6. While visiting my great-grandaughter she had a projectile poo incident midway through the change….my 15 yr. old grandson had been sleeping on the floor and I’ve never seen him get up and out of the way so fast. It was hilarious.
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  7. nicolerenae says:

    Just last week I had to take my 6 month old to the dr. for his check up, with my other 3 kids in tow. I could smell something before we got in the exam room, and assumed it was the baby. I check him as the nurse was checking his head circumference, and it wasn’t him…so I checked the 3yo old next, and had poo on my finger…ewww. I still keep extra clothes in my van for accidents, but I couldn’t really get to them easily with 4 kids in tow…so out came the wipes from the baby’s diaper bag, and thank goodness for that plastic bag I keep in the diaper bag for the baby’s nasty diapers…and my 3yo just went without underwear until we got home. Then I just had to ignore the nasty smell when the dr came in the room…

  8. Christie says:

    It wasn’t funny at the time, but it is now…I met my sister-in-law at the outlet mall between our homes. Her kids (3 and 4) were playing in the McDonald’s playland to burn off steam before the shopping began. My SIL asked my nephew, the 3 yo if he needed to go potty. After 5 or 6 times of him denying it, we let it go. About 20 minutes later, he comes down the slide looking sheepish. And a certain odor fog was enveloping him. Now, at this point, he’d been potty trained for quite a while, and my SIL isn’t the most prepared person in the world, so 1. no change of clothes and 2. no wipes of any kind to be had. Imagine us, in this little McD’s bathroom, cleaning him with toilet paper (because no paper towels, only air dryers), for what seemed like (and probably was) a half hour. We threw the underwear away. Now thankfully, I’d had a pair of shorts in my car that I was bringing to my SIL that Grandma had found on clearance somewhere for my niece, so they went on my mostly-clean-commando-nephew.

  9. Worst poo story ever? The day my daughter – in the midst of potty training – pooped during naptime at daycare and then fingerpainted her little self with it.

    I was mortified to get that phone call, of course. But secretly, I was a little glad I wasn’t the one who had to clean it up!
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  10. Tamara Sz says:

    Funniest poo story….hmmmm….perhaps the time I walked in to get my son up from his nap and he had taken his diaper off and wiped his poo all over his bed, himself, and his stuffed animals. Yuck!

  11. You should have heard my husband the first time he found a Crayola-green poop in the diaper of our darling daughter. He thought she’d eaten a crayon. I, a veteran of daycare, have had the pleasure of finding out poop comes in ALL colors of the rainbow.
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  12. Linsay says:

    Being the mommie of 4 munchkins I have a lot of poo stories but the funniest gas to be when I took my 4 day old daughter back to the hospital for a weight check and thought, this will be quick we don’t need to bring a bag. Boy was I wrong!! I got her undressed to get her weight and that sweet little 10 lb butterball shot poo all over me. And when I say shot, I mean shot…like 2 feet through the air. The dr said he had never see. Anything like it, especially from a girl. And did I mention there was pee involved too!! The kind staff provided me with a scrub top to wear home as I was covered in poo. Sweet baby girl was given hospital clothing as well. It is a story we tell over and over. And thank goodness that hospital used Huggies!!!

    We have also had neon blue poo after my youngest ate a blue frosting covered first birthday cake!

  13. Bethany says:

    Ours is a continuing poop story. You can always tell when my son is going to poop. He goes off by himself, squats down on his knees and Starts grunting. Usually his face will turn red too. You ask him if he’s pooping and he bobs his head yes

  14. Just a few weeks ago- in the midst of potty training my 2 year old little girl, we had quite the poo disaster. She went down for nap with a pull up on. She woke up from nap with a dry pull up! Success! (So I thought.) Then I noticed a little “skid mark” in her diaper and asked if she needed to go poopy. She said “No, I poopied in the drawer.” I went into her room, opened the bottom drawer, and found what I feared most… a poo and pee mess in her drawer.

    She used her drawer like a potty!!! And for toilet paper? Socks. I think I used a whole package of Huggies wipes, and a whole container of disinfectant wipes. I threw the socks away, and explained the difference between the potty and a drawer.

    At least she was considerate enough to take the clothes out first!

  15. Kelly says:

    When my son was about 6 months, I changed his diaper before bed, put his pajamas on, and put him in his crib. Then, I went back downstairs to pick up toys. I found a little nugget of poop on the floor. I know it belonged to him, but for the life of me can’t figure out how it came out, since he had a diaper on, a onesie, and pants.

  16. Funny poop story huh…which one to post! I have so many! The best had to be when my daughter had the ultimate blowout! She was in her bouncy chair and when I went to pick her up I saw she had some poop up her back. When I gave her to my husband so I could go grab some clean up stuff I noticed she was leaking all over the floor! We had to run into the bathroom and just strip her and then give her a bath. Good times! :)
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  17. helenlam says:

    I’ve been pretty lucky but the one I will remember. The baby had just started solids so the poop was at that semi-firm stage. He had taken a poo already, and (luckily) after a new clean diaper was placed under his bottom, more started welling out like lava from a volcano. Luckily it wasn’t explosive, but it kept coming and coming and coming. It ended up being a 4-wipe diaper change!

  18. Courtney says:

    We are relocating from WV to PA, so we were road tripping to inspections and then to the lender’s to sign paperwork. As we were signing, I began to hear the sound your pastry bag makes when you get a big air bubble. Only there were no cupcakes. Nope, the sound was coming from my 18-month-old, who happened to be shooting brown-green goo out of the sides and middle of his diaper. I excused myself, pointing out that my child was pooping on the carpet. I took him to the restroom with no changing table and a pedestal sink. Where’s the counter space when you need it most? I cleaned him up in the sink, and he remained naked for the remainder of the appointment. When a secretary gave me a dirty look, I kindly reminded her that we were from WV (the office is in PA) and where I come from we always bathe our children in the sink while buying real estate. No biggie. (Detailed story on my website if you’re interested.)

  19. Lori S says:

    I don’t really have a funny poo story however I could really use these. we had a house fire last week. Remember all of those $2 off pampers wipe coupons. I had over 50 wipes in the house that I can no longer use so you can see why I really need these.


  20. I’m guilty of sticking my finger in to see if she was “wet”. My finger came out with poop ( :

  21. Last Spring all three members of our family came down with a mean stomach flu. After a night of trying to take care of the hubby, the baby and myself, I woke up to find my daughter covered in “the runs.” I yelled to my husband to get a bath ready quick only to realize he was already in the bath. So, I carry the little one at arms distance to the bath tub, take off her diaper, and oops – a shart comes out and splatters onto the wall. (Can I say shart? Sorry if my language is offensive.) Anyways, good thing for my huggies wipes to use on my daughter… and the wall.

  22. Adam Shepherd says:

    My wife likes to let our daughter run around the condo naked after a bath. 2 nights ago the little one left a small present for my wife on the floor.

  23. Kristen says:

    It’s hard to pick just one… My mom seems to always stick her finger in it when she is checking to see if the kids are dirty. You’d think after one time she’d learn.

  24. catherine says:

    There are a lot of poo stories here as well but just last week our new baby girl had a diaper explosion while my 2 year old son was holding her on his lap…what a mess but he thought it was so funny.

  25. I wish I didn’t have one, but I actually had to choose from my stable of stories!

    When my daughter was three days old, she hadn’t pooped all day. The nurses brought her to me to nurse at about 2am. They said, “If she doesn’t go soon, we’ll have to give her something to make her go.” My husband and I were hoping this wouldn’t be the case. About 45 minutes later, my husband was asleep, and I had to wake him up after our precious little girl pooped more than I ever knew a baby could poop. Since he had been sleeping, my husband assumed the nurses had given her something. When I explained that this was “all her,” he looked terrified.

  26. We were starting a long drive and as soon as we took the ramp to the turnpike (30 miles to the next exit) my 4 month old had the most massive, pooiest diaper I ever saw. WE stopped at the rest stop, I went in not thinking much of how much would be in the diaper, armed with only 3 or 4 wipes and the new diaper. When I really examined the poo, it was up his little back, all over his clothes and 4 wipes were not going to cut it… so I used my cell to call DH and he came into the family bathroom (thankfully, I didnt go into the ladies room!) with my full diaper bag and had to hold our son while I tried cleaning him up. I never again went into a diaper change on teh road without my big diaper bag… and a spare set of clothes!
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  27. Mine would be the day we drove an hour away to go to a family gathering and somehow I FORGOT to pack baby wipes, in the middle of nowhere my daughter decided to let loose and made an amazing explosion for us. We ended up having to use koolaid, napkins, and an old tshirt to try to clean her up! LOL
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  28. Julie Grimberg says:

    My daughters worst blow out came in the mall. She was wearing her Easter outfit cause she had just gotten her pictures taken with the easter bunny. luckily it just got on the onesie she was wearing (well everwhere on the onesie). We just through away the onesie!