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Remember last week when I talked about the campaign I was working on with Energizer to provide care kits to a charity of my choice. I am so excited to show you how our family is being a Champion for Kids.

As I told you a few weeks back, our family is about to start down the journey of becoming foster parents. While Ryan and I have spent much time and prayer about this decision, our kids are a different manner. We have most definitely talked to them about it and it is a family decision, but they are not quite as invested in the process as we are. So I want to find ways this year, as we go on this path, to involve them as much as possible.

Letting the kids put together our care package for the kids coming into foster care at DA Blodgett was a great way to help them understand what these kids go through when they are pulled out of their homes. Listening to them make decisions about how to bless kids they don’t know blessed my heart as much as it will bless those kids.


For many kids safety means first aid, blankets and warm coats. But for kids in foster care safety means having a place that feels like home.

When kids come into care they often times have nothing but the clothes they are wearing. So the goal of a care bag is to give them a few things that are THEIRS. So they definitely need a few basics (underwear, socks, toothbrush, shampoo), but we wanted them to have some fun things as well. So we headed to Walmart to see what we could put together.


This pig was the first thing we found and set the tone for the whole bag. We decided she would be perfect for a girl around 4. I am in love with this pig. The rest of the bag just grew from there. What would a four year old girl love? Well all things pink!

care bag collage

This is where we put our little Energizer spin on things. If I was in a new house with strangers I would want a few things to make me feel safe. And I think an Energizer flashlight is perfect for that. This one is the perfect size for a 4 year old. And hello? Princesses!! Then we threw in a princess night light as well (which isn’t Energizer, but adorable).

I really want the kids to come with to drop off our care bag, so finding the time we all can go is a challenge, but a challenge that is totally worth it. I am hopeful this isn’t the last time we do this as a family. The staff at DA Blodgett was so grateful for our backpack and although we will never know who got it, I am hoping she is blessed by it.

Just a reminder that Energizer is making it so easy for us to care for kids with their Light Up A Life Simple Service Project campaign. The concept is simple. They are challenging people to take a few moments our of days and a few dollars out of our wallets to put together a small care kit for kids. Their vision is to mobilize 20 million people by 2020 to become Champions for Kids!

I want to encourage you one more time to look around you community and see where you can be a Champion for Kids.

You can see all the details from this shop over here. This post and shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, but, as always, all opinions and ideas are my own. #EnergizerCFK, #CBias


  1. You out together such a wonderful pack, I especially love that pig! Good luck on becoming a foster parent!

  2. When I was in foster care, I usually transported my {very few} belongings in a trash bag or Walmart bag. Just the backpack itself will be special to a child, let alone all those cute things inside. Being a foster parent is a challenging but rewarding experience. I will be praying for y’all.
    Melissa recently posted…Plugged In: Accessing God’s Power Through Prayer {session 1}My Profile

  3. I’m sure the little princess will be so happy to receive something that is all HER very own! Great cause! Foster parenting is very commendable!
    Christy recently posted…Flowers, Validation, & Sparkles! Thank You Collective Bias Team!My Profile

  4. I love that you added some Hello Kitty Bandaids!!! This will make a little girl very happy!

  5. I love the things you put into your care kit! Especially the stuffed animal, I added one to mine as well!
    Jenn recently posted…Disney Pictures’ John Carter “John & Dejah” FeaturetteMy Profile

  6. Not only will the child that receives this be THRILLED with all the fun stuff you put in…but the foster parents will be blessed by it as well. It is always nice to see that someone put a lot of thought into the bag. The few bags that I have actually taken home with a foster child (usually I don’t) many have been just thrown together, a few diapers, grey sweat pants, and generic toiletries This one is special!! I know you guys will be great!!

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