Make Me Laugh Monday- It's Business Time

 So I have been reading Absolutely Bananas for a while now and while she often makes me laugh, her new “Make Me Laugh Monday” has been upping the ante. I don’t know how often I will participate, but I couldn’t resist this one week.

All of my loyal readers know all about The Challenge (if you are coming for MMLM, go check it out). Well, it now has a theme song.

(it’s not really You Tube week, I will do my own content again tomorrow :)


  1. Oh yeah…it’s business time!….

    Too funny :)

  2. okay, I only DIED laughing, spit cereal on my keyboard, and then sent the link to ALL of my friends. THATS hysterical

  3. Baby Mamma (Tamra) says:

    “…turned it into a little sexy dance…” LOL!

  4. Heather says:

    We LOVE Flight of the Conchords!! And this is one of our favorite songs for sure… Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jessica says:


  6. Oh my gosh – that’s hilarious! Is it wrong that I’m strangely attracted to that guy?

  7. They made a video of this at Relevant Church for the 30 day challenge and it was hysterical…I’ve always loved these guys.

  8. When it was over I said, “That’s it?”

    You know what I’m tryin’ to say.

    Loved it!!! :)

  9. Hey! You’ve been tagged over at my blog!!

  10. I forgot about the challenge! Funny video!

  11. Have no words…laughing too hard!

  12. I adore Flight of the Conchord. They make me weepy with laughter. Thanks for sharing this gem!

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