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TILT I am interrupting my regularly schedule reviews because you MUST know about this new product I tried. L’Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow will change your life. Seriously.

I had seen it in magazines and in the stores but was very skeptical until I read on some blog (forgive me for having no idea where) that someone tried it and it worked. Back story- I am eye makeup application challenged. So I typically just throw on some liner and mascara and call it a day. Eye shadow seems too advanced for me so unless I am going somewhere really fancy I don’t  wear it, And even if I am going somewhere fancy I am not sure it really looks all the good cause I do NOT know what I am doing.

Ok ladies, this is GENIUS. Apparently when you apply eye shadow you are supposed to use different colors to highlight and fill in the crease and what have you. This eye shadow consists of three different colors that you apply all at once with their special applicator. All the different colors go right where they should and you are done. I actually use a makeup brush to blend it a little but it is seriously that easy.

If I was a good blogger I would have some sort of pictures or video to show you what I mean, but I honestly did not plan this post and it is late and I am too tired for pictures and too tired looking for video. I just did want to wait another minute to tell you about this because I can now wear eye makeup and it does not look like it was applied by a drunken monkey. I am so crazy excited. Anywho, there is an explanation of things over on the L’Oreal website so why reinvent the wheel. (or you could probably Google your way to a blogger who actually takes the time to do such things- i.e.. not me)

Also for those of us that are challenged and overwhelmed by all of the color choices may I just say the good people of L’Oreal want to help us out too. The shadows are literally titled things like “natural for blue eyes” and “playful for green eyes”. Even “natural for ALL eyes”. You better believe I am going back for some playful colors. (FYI- it is on sale buy one get one half off at Meijer this week so you could get a natural and a playful and have an eye shadow party on your hands)

I am so thrilled with the way my eyes look and excited that a makeup product lived up to its promises. L’Oreal you have a new fan.

I bought this eye shadow with my own hard earned money and have been DYING for the last two days to tell you about it. Dear fine people of L’Oreal, if you would like me to be your blogger spokesperson (you know along with Eva Longoria and Beyoncé) I am totally on board. You can pay me in eye shadow. Have your people call my people.

Whatever you are loving this week is surely not as awesome as my deep love for my new eye shadow, but give it a shot and write up a post about something you love. Then link back to this carnival and link up below. It is so easy, but in case you need a few more tips, check out the Things I Love Thursday guidelines. Thanks as always for linking up!


  1. Good to know — thanks Jill!

    My eyes are so “squinty” that I can’t wear eye liner {it rubs off on the top of my lids}. Do you have any brilliant suggestions for that?
    Andrea @ Simple Organized Living recently posted…Quick Tip to Save Time While DeclutteringMy Profile

  2. Your blog makes me laugh every single day, Jill. Keep up the great work! :)
    Cindy Bultema recently posted…Fat Talk- Freedom- &amp Full GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Oh I can’t wait until you become a spokeswoman! I can say I knew you when! :-)
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Southwestern Cream of Chicken SoupMy Profile

  4. I tried something like that once – different brand. It was pretty cool.
    Musings of a Housewife recently posted…Hayrides to the Easter Bunny at Highland OrchardsMy Profile

  5. I linked up!

  6. Sounds so easy! I mean…I’m sure I could screw it up, but it’s worth a try!
    Kelsey recently posted…More Adventures in St PaulMy Profile

  7. I just got this from BzzAgent. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  8. Dare I confess, I rarely wear eye shadow? But maybe I should give it a try, because you’ve made it sound pretty awesome.
    Sarah recently posted…Angel Food MinistriesMy Profile

  9. Thanks for the weekly party! I love visiting the links each week to see what people are loving!
    Shannon recently posted…Gettin PurtyMy Profile

  10. Jill, I tried that eyeshadow out a few weeks ago too and am loving it! It really is as easy as it looks–I was shocked as I am eye-shadow challenged, as well. I got the “natural” look and am going back for “playful!”


  11. I saw the eyeshadow advertised in a magazine and instantly wanted to try it… but you’ve really convinced me!! I’ll be getting some this weekend.

    I linked up!
    Damsel recently posted…TILT Steep Learning CurvesMy Profile

  12. How awesome is that?! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I’m loving the time-saving possibilities!! :) Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  13. OK, so now you have to apply it again and take a photo or video so we can see ;)
    LaVonne recently posted…Pistachio RationingMy Profile

  14. I got that eye shadow for free through BzzAgent! I was skeptical but am pretty impressed, also. :)

  15. ok not gonna lie, usually I just skim review posts because, well, I find them mostly annoying (don’t hate me). But you seem to totally MEAN this one, and now I’m legitimately excited about this and I bought some when I was grocery shopping this morning (natural for blue eyes, thankyouverymuch) and I am very excited to try it. I use eye shadow now (when I wear makeup, which is… almost never, but still) but I’m more of the 1-color, slapped over the whole lid kind of school. And I know it doesn’t look great. So I put myself in the eye shadow doofus category too and I’m excited to try this. Thanks for sharing!!!! :)
    Erin G recently posted…Marsh Creek PlaygroundMy Profile

  16. I just got the L’Oreal One Sweep shadow in the mail from Buzz Agent! I am even more excited to try it now!! (I have similar make up application deficiencies.)
    Celia recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free pretzelsMy Profile

  17. Jill,

    Hi! I’m a rookie and a friend of Cindy’s from “She Sparkles” (and doesn’t she?!)

    I am intrigued to try this new eye shadow!! Will be getting back to you…I am convinced that we will see “eye to eye” on that subject! Super excited!

    Celebrating my first blog link and consider it such good company! Thanks!

    Be back to visit soon,

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