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Wipes Blogger Badge 6.28.2010 FINAL So every year the family and I take a summer road trip “up north”. We over pack, eat bad food, trash the car and always have way more fun times then bad. This year, shortly before we hammered out the final plans of the road trip of summer 2010, Huggies approached me to be part of their “Poo Free Parent Squad” and document ways that their wipes are helping me live my summer “poo free”. I am trying really hard to be more selective about which products I endorse on my blog, but I must confess, this seemed like a no brainer.

First of all my blog is titled “The Diaper Diaries” (hopefully you aren’t here by mistake). Secondly my tagline is “always loaded, sometimes full of crap”. Thirdly, while with my girls I wasn’t so picky about what diaper I put them in, with Silas we seem to be firmly in the Huggies camp. I don’t know if it is a boy thing or what, but they just work best. Fourthly, because this boy seems destined to be some sort of competitive eating champion we have our share of “poo” moments worthy of documentation. So it seems as though the stars have aligned and it makes perfect sense for me to jump on board.

So in an attempt to chronicle our vacation and all of its “poo free” moments, I brought the wipes with us to a lovely 4th of July celebration up at a ski resort in Michigan. Yes, ski resort and yes summertime. They have a fun 4th celebration and some of our friends swear this is the best place to celebrate so we came along. Trusty Flip in hand, I set out to show how many ways we use wipes when we are out and about. Cause we don’t save wipes just for the baby’s heiny, we use them in a whole host of ways.

Well, guess what “professional” blogger forgot her wipes back at the cabin where we are staying? That would be me. And I might add, they were left at the cabin which is one hour away. Um yeah. Oh and while we are sharing, guess whose non-blogging hubby got quite possessive of the video camera and his “vision” for what my first official vlog should be. I seriously think he has some sort of Oscar ambitions hindered only by the fact that his wife detests being on camera and that we don’t have a Mac with killer editing software.

So earning back my “professional” blogger status, I think quickly on my feet and I present to you what happens when you leave your Huggies Wipes at home (be gentle with me, vlogs scare me; and picture the soundtrack of Carmina Burana playing in the background; and also, could we have a worse freeze frame to the video? HONESTLY)

Livin’ Poo Free – July 4th Picnic from thediaperdiaries on Vimeo.

I have partnered with Huggies Wipes and their Ambassador program. I will be receiving compensation and product for my personal use. However, I maintain total transparency and I have not been paid to publish positive reviews of Huggies products. The opinions and feelings expressed here are my own.


  1. oh amanda says:

    Seriously, even I was feelin’ a little dirty after watching that! LOL!
    oh amanda recently posted…Greenville- SC- Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  2. I think it’s a perfect frame to freeze on, because it looks like the face you’d make when seeing something messy that needs to be cleaned up by a wipe!
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – 4th of JulyMy Profile

  3. Love the vLog. :) When I first saw the title I thought all the kids were out of diapers and you free of changing any more poo. That will be a good day :) I can’t wait for it myself.

    Happy Tuesday ;)
    LaVonne recently posted…Monday Morning FavoritesMy Profile

  4. You know what I find now that my kids are older? God FORBID I use anything that reminds them that like, five short years ago, they were in diapers. Which is dumb.
    Stupid dumb grubby kids.
    Beck recently posted…For whatever reasonMy Profile

  5. You’re so cute. Will you be my girlfriend?
    Sarah @ Ordinary Days recently posted…BoingMy Profile

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