Little Devil

First day of spring break and my son wakes up looking like this:


The little devil horns should have been a sign. My day was punctuated by lines like:

“I’ve got punching and hitting and kicking power!!”

“You are making this the worst day ever!!!!!!!”

“You don’t get to be the boss, I’m the boss!!!!!!!!”

“I WANT CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The fundamental problem with all of this is two seconds after being the most frustrating child on the planet he is doing things like snuggling with me and telling me that I am his favorite snuggler.

This boy owns me. Somebody send help.


  1. Oh girl, I hear ya. Just last night, as my son was yelling for more food (rather than signing) and I was giving in to him, my husband said “you would never have done that with the girls.” *sheepish look* He is right.

  2. I recently found myself shouting : “Stop shooting your brother in the head” {with a nerf gun} and “Stop licking your brother ” in the same night.
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