Like High School Only Better (Much, Much Better)


I am sorry my posting has been a little sad and sporadic this last week. I spent a week in Iowa visiting family and friends and attending my twenty year high school reunion. I know, I know. It is impossible. But I graduated at age eight….

I didn’t love high school. Well from the outside I suppose I did. I definitely have some good memories and I don’t want to discount them. But when people tried to say that high school was the best days of our lives I thought, “Good golly, I hope not.”

While those around me were planning to go to the same schools and room with each other and continue their friendships, I was looking for a school where no one else went and shake the dust of this school off my feet.

It was a bit foolish in hind sight. Wanting some independence and a fresh start didn’t have to mean cutting ties with every soul who had been part of my life for the past four years and longer. But I simply didn’t want to be the girl I felt boxed in by in high school and threw out the good with the bad.

I missed my ten year reunion because I was quite pregnant with Lily. I heard mixed things. Mostly good, but some of the old high school pettiness still showed. This was before the era of us old folks joining Facebook so there were definitely faces I would have loved to see, but in general I wouldn’t have missed reliving the high school “mean girl” days (not to say I didn’t do my share of “mean-girling” myself).

But twenty years seems to be the perfect amount of time for all of that to fade away. Or at least from my perspective it did. I loved every second of reconnecting with friends I was close to and friends that I wasn’t. We didn’t spend near as much time remembering the past as celebrating the present. My hubby was awesome arm candy and I was even able to bring my kids to a family picnic. All the stars aligned and they presented themselves as well behaved angels. Amazing. (If you are reading this and you were at the reunion, you should know they behave like this all. the. time.)

My takeaway from the weekend is this: don’t let stupid things from your past affect your present. I looked forward to this reunion for a year. I couldn’t wait to put all of the high school silliness aside and just genuinely enjoy spending time with my classmates. And when you can do that, you can see that you went to high school with some pretty amazing people. They were probably awesome all the time, but you were just to bogged down in high school politics to notice. I can’t wait to see what the thirty year brings.

It kind of makes me want to read the letter from the end of Breakfast Club and pump my fist in the air. Who’s with me?


  1. Alesha Padget Henderson says:

    Love this post Jill! I can totally relate, although I didn’t make it back to my 20 year. Glad you had a fantastic experience!

  2. That’s cool! My 10 year was kind of a bust too, for all the reasons you just said. All the pettiness was still there, all the cliques (of which I was not a part) and I’m still pretty good friends with all my good friends from high school so there weren’t too many people there I needed to see…
    I’m seriously debating the 20 year, but I guess we’ll see where life is in another 5 years! ;)
    Krista recently posted…Sweet Sixteen MonthsMy Profile

  3. Well, of course I’m with you. I’m always up for a Breakfast Club reading. :) Glad you had fun! I hope my class gets their stuff together and plans a 20-year. Our 10-year was fun (though I was very pregnant at the time), but we didn’t do a 15-year. I did love high school (though I hope they don’t go down as my “best days”) and thought it was fun to reconnect with everyone just like you said here.
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…What goes around comes aroundMy Profile

  4. You are a dork. But, I still love you. :-)
    Courtney W recently posted…A Direct Sales WHY, the gift of spare time!My Profile

  5. Ah, the 20 year. Mine is in September because some of my classmates wanted to attend a home football game for part of the reunion. Some of my 20 classmates. Yep. 21 total, graduating class of 1993. Only, that can’t be right because the 90’s were only 10 years ago! Hmmmm

    Also, my oldest was 2 months old at our 10 year reunion. My girl, your girl… we MUST get them together someday!
    Amy @ Finer Things recently posted…Summer Shopping with NOVICA {Giveaway!}My Profile

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