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I just got home from a whirlwind trip out to Atlanta for the Mom 2.0 Summit.. It was lovely to connect with friends, lovely to connect with some amazing brands, but also so lovely to be back home with the people who love me.

Of course it doesn’t take long after returning home from a trip until you are forced to re-enter your real life. That part kind of stinks a little. Top on my to do list today was to attend to our banking. I am a bit fanatical about reconciling our bank account with our bank statement on the first of every month and here it was May 4th (Happy Star Wars Day!!) and I hadn’t done it yet.

I am not very good with all the money things, but I can rock a balanced checking account like no other. I have a crazy ordered system and everything must balance exactly and there may or may not be spreadsheets involved. Seeing everything add up and come together is my happy place.

After I balance everything out, I cross check it all with the budget. Ironically this is where fanatical organizing takes a bit of a detour. I get creative. I move things around. I fudge the numbers. Sticking exactly to a budget is not my forte. And for all my brilliance and balancing the account I sometimes feel like a failure that I have screwed up the budget numbers yet again. 

So true confession: Even as a “pushing 40” adult, I still feel like there is a lot to know and learn about banking and finances and money management. That is why I am excited to be participating in a one-hour Twitter chat, this Tuesday at noon, EST, to talk all about family banking habits. It will cover general spending and saving, banking products and relationships, budgets and more. (of course this Twitter chat won’t be about any personal and private information, just a general sharing)

Best part? You have the chance to win on of ten $50 Visa gift cards that will be given to randomly selected participants. To participate simply hop on to Twitter at 12 pm Tuesday, May 7th and follow the hashtag #LetsTalkBanking. You can also RSVP at Twtvite.

See you there!


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