Lessons From Lily

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The cool thing about having kids is how they make you better. I mean sometimes they definitely DEFINITELY make you worse. But sometimes, if you pay attention, they can really make you a better person.

Lily is incredibly generous. She absolutely loves giving people presents and will spend her own money to do so. If you know how little money an eight year old possesses you know this is a pretty big deal. Sometimes she hits up the dollar store, but often times she shops for something she has seen at Target that she knows the recipient will love.

A few years back Lily got an American Girl doll for Christmas from her Mimi. It was one that was made to look like her so it was a pretty special gift. Because I refuse to buy into the whole American Girl dogma, we never made a huge deal out of the doll, but it was still a special gift to her.

Hannah has always been a doll person while Lily has never much played with dolls. So often times Hannah would end up playing dress up with the American Girl doll which was cool as long as she asked Lily.

So for Hannah’s birthday this year, Lily got a gleam in her eye when she told us she wanted to wrap up her doll and give it to Hannah. We kind of tried to discourage her because it is her special doll and all, but she really wanted to give it to her.

Lily wrapped the doll herself. She could hardly contain her excitement at Hannah’s party patiently waiting while all of Hannah’s little friends jockeyed for position to have Hannah open their present. Then she handed it to the birthday girl beaming as Hannah opened it.

It was in the moment that I saw with my own eyes. It is truly better to give than to receive.

Last post about Hannah’s birthday. I promise. Seriously, just like this blog keeps talking about it we seemed to celebrate her birthday forever. In fact I am bringing treats to school tomorrow in honor of her birthday and then this thing needs to end so we can start focusing on the most important day of the year. MY birthday.


  1. Kristen says:

    I think you might have let slip your kids’ real names in this post. Not sure if you wanted to keep them private…

  2. Melissa says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful little girl! I find myself discouraging my son’s natural sense of generosity at times, and I always wonder what kind of message that sends. What a lesson.

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