Leopard Scarf- One Outfit, Three Ways

So remember that weekly “One Outfit, Three Ways” thing? Yeah, I kind of fell off the remembering to take pictures of my outfits wagon. In my defense, I really want to be taking pictures outside in some sort of glorious sunshine, but since the sun is apparently out of batteries….. (seriously this winter is putting me in a very bad place).

Anywho, you now what can cheer a girl up? Leopard. Seriously, it is an instant mood lifter. I got my scarf for next to nothing on Amazon, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. I think this one is a good stand in.

My first outfit, and teeny picture is from a while back (as you can tell from the actual grass instead of giant piles of snow). I’m not thrilled with how I tied this scarf, but I love mustard and leopard together (actually I love mustard in general, check out how I style it in an old One Outfit, Three Ways post. I would double wrap scarf next time, but otherwise, this outfit is a keeper!


Cardigan: Target (similar)

Shirt: Everlane

Jeans: Old Navy

Scarf: Amazon (similar)

Boots: c/o Land’s End

This look is really simple but turns boring into sophisticated. Plus I love the mixing of black and brown. Such a fashion rule breaker!! (just kidding there are no fashion rules)

leopard 1

Sweater: Target (similar)

Jeans: Old Navy

Scarf: Amazon (similar)

Boots: c/o Land’s End

This last outfit I lifted straight off Pinterest but I can’t find the link anymore. I love leopard and denim together. Again it takes a basic and makes it much more sophisticated.

leopard denim

Shirt: Target (similar)

Jeans: Old Navy

Scarf: Amazon (similar)

Boots: c/o Land’s End

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. Come linkup to the Thursday Takover…the theme is NAVY and this outfit would be perfect!
    Linkup HERE!!

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

  2. I’m a huge fan of the remixable leopard scarf! So cute :)

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