Lazy Days of Summer


School is out and summer is in full swing. As I stare at my calendar I am looking for the “lazy days” and coming up empty. Despite my repeated attempts to not overschedule life, I have found myself overscheduled again. Our calendar is a scary place my friends. Seriously, look away.

But while the weeks are busy I am wholly committed to keeping the downtime down. That is the secret to my sanity.

I held my 3 1/2 week old nephew today. I sat and marveled at every single toe and every little finger and watched him as he smiled in his sleep. The newborn years with my own kids seem a distant memory now. Funny, as I thought those days would never end.

I am an older, wiser mom now. Not remotely done with my motherhood journey, but growing up and learning that wishing time away doesn’t really make it go faster. It just makes you regretful as you realize you don’t get those wished moments back.

So I am snuggling a bit longer. Saying yes to Candyland marathons and “can we bake something?”. Spending afternoons sitting with my kids in the backyard watching them do tricks on the swing set and leaving my cell phone inside. Actually DOING things I pin on my “Fun Mom” pinterest board from time to time.

I will admit it. I am not typically that mom who looks forward to summer and all three kids in the house. But this year I am just flat out enjoying my kids. Not every minute of course. Tonight, in fact, bedtime could not come fast enough. But still when all was said and done, I said yes to “one more book mommy………..”


  1. I love this. Its so hard not to over schedule things in the summer time! I swear we book up as soon as the month starts. Its insane. I need to “schedule” some low key time for my boys and I.
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