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For a few years I have gradually told you about the journey our family has been on to eat “cleaner. I cannot believe how differently we eat now and how much healthier we are. I say pay for good food on the front end so you don’t have to pay the doctor on the back end.

This year we are also stepping it up on the exercise side.

Let me just say I am not an exerciser. My whole life I have truly loathed any sort of sports or gym related activity. The only reason I even started doing any thing of the sort was that I looked at my body in the mirror one day after having my first child and wondered who on EARTH was staring back at me. My days of eating whatever I wanted and not exercising and not paying the piper were clearly over.

So I begrudgingly started treadmilling at the gym. Then I took a class or two. Then I would have long lapses in exercising. Some quite long. Some so long I feel the gym might have been paying its bills solely with my unused membership.

But after Silas, and knowing we were done have kids of our own, I decided I wanted to get more serious about exercise. Ok so it was almost a year and a half after Silas, but still. I needed to get in some sort of shape (other than the shape of a squishy apple).

So I just went back to classes at the gym. I found a few dedicated gym buddies (none of them are these gym people, for the record) and the gym became a more social endeavor. I began to ever so slightly look forward to my mornings at the gym.

Then if you recall around the holidays we had a string of sick kids combined with potty training combined with holidays and we were stuck in the house for a long stretch of time. I began to go stir crazy and assumed it was just because I was feeling trapped inside.

But it was at this point I realized I was seriously missing the gym.

See the gym has ceased to be just about exercise (which I still don’t fully enjoy). The gym is about a break from parenting my kids. A break from thinking about my to do list. It is a time to spend with my gym buddies. It is a time to clear my head. It is a time to feel strong and healthy. It is a time to feel accomplished. It is a place where I can take a shower in peace and someone else has to wash the towel!

It is also the perfect way to justify that square of chocolate (or two after dinner) and reward myself with a new outfit when I lose some “baby” weight. Maybe even a pedicure or two because my toes are on display during Pilates and yoga!

So as I get older my love-hate relationship with the gym is being tipped more towards a love relationship. Who knew? Seriously, it is the strangest development. All I know is, I miss it when I don’t start out my morning there. And truthfully? I have never felt better or healthier.

Do you enjoy exercise? How do you “reward” yourself for being healthy?

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  1. I just joined a gym this year to give myself other options than running after an injury. I really like it! I am experimenting with classes and the elliptical.

    I took the same approach a few years ago when my baby was 2. There was finally a chance after pregnancy, breast-feeding and sleepless nights. Now that I’m in a groove, I’m addicted to exercise and I miss it mentally and physically when I don’t get it in. I’ve been trying really hard to eat clean the past couple of years and most days are good. Now if I can get my family completely on board!

  2. I’m like you. A lifelong exercise-dreader. And now I love the gym. Not because I’m getting skinny or anything. Mostly because it’s time for me and someone else watches my kids. And it keeps me from crying. Most days. True story.

    (Wow I’m a barrel of laughs today.)

    Anyway, I’m a newbie (last sixish months) gym rat myself.

    Also, “paying the doctor on the back end” sounds oddly like your keep a proctologist on retainer. Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.

    Also, as the daughter of an adopted daughter, I cringe every time I read language like “kids of our own.” DOn’t hate me for saying that. Just throwing it on the table. Who cares where they came from, if you’re raising them, THEY’RE YOUR OWN. Totally unrelated to the post. But. Anyway. Wanted to say it.

    Ummm this comment brought to you by my missed dose of crazy pill. (Not a joke.) Going to remedy that now. :)
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