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tilt I’m on vacation this week. I haven’t really advertised it (why hello would-be robbers, my house is being watched by VERY big and burly neighbors) but we are on a week long vacation “up north”. If you live in Michigan (or even Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana) you know what “up north” means. We endure many months of not-so-great weather here. So in the summer we soak up every single second of glorious weather, preferably at a lake. Up north.

Growing up, my grandparents lived on a lake. Summer was spent on a tube or a boat with BBQs and days at a time wearing a swimsuit. As I grew older, I grew less-and-less enthralled with lakes. I became a pool girl. The lake was dirty and the weeds gross and, oh my word, what did my feet just touch?

I lived in Chicago for 6 years and loved being near Lake Michigan. I loved walking along it and seeing it as I was stuck in traffic on Lake Michigan Drive. But I didn’t really go in the lake much. When we had kids it just seemed like an ordeal to pack for the beach. And as Lily would sit in the sand and play I would have a hard time enjoying it as I imagined the places I would find sand for days to come.

So despite currently living about a 1/2 hour from the beach and Lake Michigan, we rarely go. We are pool people. Clean, chlorinated water with showers nearby. My husband would prefer to be a lake person, but I resist.

But this week we rented a cabin near Torch Lake which is possibly the most beautiful lake I have ever been to. You can see the bottom through crystal blue water. I am not kidding when I say at times it is so blue I feel like I am in the Caribbean. And the beauty of Torch Lake is that we are also blocks away from Lake Michigan.

The first day I sat on the edge of the water dipping my toes in from time to time, but letting the hubby do the bulk of the play with the kids. Sure it was clear and clean, but it was still a lake. Then we went over to Lake Michigan and suddenly I got it.

Lake Michigan is nearly always cold. But as we stood in the bay, it felt like bath water. We waded in and marveled at the view. We picked up rocks and skipped them across the water. We dug our toes in the sand and let the waves rush over them. We went back today and it was chilly and windy and the water was wild. But there was a lone sailboat with a rainbow sail and Silas squealed and pointed and we watched it bob in the waves.

I didn’t care that it was a lake anymore. I loved that minnows swam around my feet. I loved that my kids were giggling as a family of ducks swam up to meet us. I loved that I could see the lake go on forever, nearly like an ocean, but without the sting of salt water. And I loved that we had this little stretch of beach nearly to ourselves because it was a little too chilly to be out on the lake. It was like Lake Michigan was our lake and we stood and held hands and jumped the waves and laughed at how silly it was to be out in a lake with the clouds and the wind.

I might just be a lake girl after all.

lake michigan

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

    Sharing my newfound EASIEST EVER way to PRESERVE HERBS.


  2. I am a pool girl too, but you may have convinced me to try out this lake. It looks BEAUTIFUL! Have fun and thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. We don’t live anywhere near a real beach and it’s a good 6 hour drive to the Gulf. But, we spend a bulk of our time at the pool, so it’s an even trade in my mind. Hopefully, we’ll make it to the Gulf before the summer is over {and my belly is too big to enjoy being in a swimsuit, ha!}.

  4. I love being so close to the lake… and definitely don’t visit near enough. It’s really just great and relaxing to be able to go and just sit too. :) Glad you are having a great vacation!

  5. I’m the same as you, I love the idea of Lake Michigan but we rarely go there but I’m hoping we can turn that around next summer with two older(ish) kids to look after instead of a 2-year-old intent on never doing what he’s told.

  6. Glad to find your site! I love to be near any sort of water as long as there aren’t too many other people around!

  7. It is beautiful, we used to live in Lansing and would drive to Chicago to see my aunt!

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