Ladies Man

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This year our days look a lot different than last year. Obviously, as a third grader, Lily is in school 5 full days. But as a Kindergartner, Hannah is in school 3 full days. Which leaves me 3 mornings with Silas (he still takes long naps in the afternoon).

I typically go to the gym in the mornings but I have been trying to keep my schedule kind of light so that Silas doesn’t spend all his time with me….not with me.

So we do library story hour, we run errands, we read books, we play with trucks and giggle a whole lot. It is so delightful to me to get all this one on one time to love on my youngest. It is one of my favorite things about life this fall.

When I am about with Silas he never fails to command attention. He loves to catch people’s eye and begin to entertain them. He loves babies and dogs so if you have one of those he will run over and fawn over them. Now granted I might be a teensy bit biased as his mom, but honestly. The boy is a cuite.

Tonight we had an all school picnic at my girl’s school. I had to help work at it so Ryan was mainly in charge of the kids. But he really didn’t have to do much because every time I turned around Silas was in the middle of large gaggles of girls. He was usually dancing or spinning or giggling or running and letting them giggle and chase him. And they would chase him and giggle and encourage him.

At another point I looked over and it was just him at what appeared to be a middle school girl kicking a soccer ball back and forth. She looked genuinely disappointed when we told her he had to leave.

This boy is a ladies man. I am raising a ladies man.

But I am raising a ladies man who leaves all the girls behind to come looking for his mama. And when he finds her lifts up his arms and begs me to pick him up so he can wrap his arms around my neck and give me the tightest hugs ever. THAT’S my boy.


  1. nicolerenae says:

    Awww, I can relate to this! For the first time I get lots of one on one time with B since my older two are in school all day and my almost 5 year old is in Young 5s 2-3 days a week. I love it! And, almost the exact same thing happened to us the other night, we had to leave a church event and I had a hard time explaining to a 5th grade girl that B had to leave now so we could pick our oldest up from soccer on time!

  2. I have a Silas (2 years old) and he is the same way!! What is it about those little boy smiles that just melt the hearts of girls and women everywhere? He also got my curls, to which I can’t bear to do more than trim. Sweetness!!

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