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As you might remember, Lily recently celebrated her 8th birthday. One of the presents we got her was a cookbook for kids . She has been asking to help out more in the kitchen, but as any mom knows, dinner time = crazy time. And most of the time letting her help ends up with three kids fighting over who gets to pour what ingredient in the recipe.

But this week came over as I was writing out our weekly menu plan and asked if she could make a meal. I played it cool, but inside I was jumping up and down. While I love to cook, a night where I didn’t have to listen to choruses of “what is this?”, “I don’t like this?”, and “why aren’t we having chicken nuggets?” sounded heavenly. So I told her to make me a list of what she needed at the store and I put two nights on the weekly plan where she was in charge.

Which is why Monday of this week you would have found us eating pigs in a blanket (I had a meeting and had to miss dinner). Tuesday, we had mini pizzas. Both days, I got the night off.

I have such a love of cooking and it is a huge part of my role as a mom. I love that I might pass that on to my daughter whose favorite show on TV is Chopped on the Food Network. And the fact that I have a little less work on my hands during the worst parenting hours of the day? Well that ain’t too shabby either.

Do you let your kids help out in the kitchen?

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  1. This is awesome. Congratulations! My 9-year-old likes to help with baking and our toddler has started getting involved as well which means we’ll have a bigger mess for a while. :)
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  2. That’s great!! My son is 6 and likes to help in the kitchen. In a couple of years I expect he’ll be able to cook a meal by himself. I began making summer lunches when I was 8 and progressed to dinner a couple of years later.
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  3. Love it!! We aren’t quite to that stage yet, since my oldest is only 2, but he does like to ‘help’ out a good bit! He loves to stir things which always means there’s a bit of flour all over the place, but it’s worth it if in a few years he’ll be giving me a break! :)

  4. My 6-year-old daughter loves to cook and loves to make up interesting “recipes” that usually involve Nutella and apples. Hey I’m glad she’s already loving Nutella at an early age (took me years to discover it!) ;)

    I need to cook with her more often!

  5. I’ve been indulging my kids when I baked some cookies and cakes. Allowing them to manipulate in the kitchen gives them the chance to learn their own skills. I would love to do it over and over again.

  6. About six months ago, my kid (also 8) had a playdate and I was stuck making small talk with the mom of the other kid. Other Mom started telling me about how her kid never eats a vegetable and confessed that she usually makes two dinners, one for her and her husband and chicken nuggets for her daughter. I said something like, “yeah, I usually just make one dinner and if [my kid] doesn’t want to eat that she’s welcome to cook herself an scrambled egg or something.” Other Mom looked at me like I had three heads. Complete awkwardness: ACHIEVED.
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  7. Bettina says:

    Having my kid in the kitchen is always a fun experience for me. I also grew up watching my mother bake so when I have my little angel at 6, she also loves to watch me while I am making her pancakes. Now at 9, she can prepare for her own… Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with your kids.
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