Keeping It Real. Again.

I had a fashion post planned for today. I had planned on blogging fashion steadily and weekly this summer. I have a lot of cute summer clothes and it is one of my favorite seasons to dress for.

But first, some back story. A year ago I was on thyroid medicine to treat my hypothyroidism and it just wasn’t helping my symptoms. I was still exhausted and generally feeling like crap. But it did help one thing. I started losing the stubborn pounds that had stayed on after having kids. I got to my lowest weight beginning of last summer without much change in eating or exercise.

I chose to go off my meds because although the weight loss is nice and all, feeling like crap is not. And so I sought after a way of healing more naturally through supplements. And I went off gluten which had a big effect. But despite going off most carbs due to a gluten sensitivity, my weight has steadily gone up. I am now as heavy as I have been since having kids. Le sigh.

It really isn’t about a number on a scale to me. It is so much more about how I feel and I feel good. But it is clear my thyroid is not working like it should because I am eating really healthy and exercising. But it is frustrating that very little fits me (at least well) and I just hate seeing myself in pictures right now. So posting fashion pictures just isn’t happening.

I am getting blood work done in a few weeks to see where things are at. And continuing to pursue healing in the most holistic way possible. It is hard because I want quick fixes and these things take time. Being patient and waiting for fall when the clothes are bulkier ;)


  1. As a girl who has struggled with weight for longer than I like to admit, I hear ya. But I think you look great. And I’m so glad you’re feeling better. That is important. Gluten is a big, fat, idiot jerk to me too.

    I hope your doctors can get everything settled for you.
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