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pool buddies

Remember my “dangerous” post a few weeks back about how I really needed some “real life” friends? Well it turns out when you put things like that out on the internet it doesn’t end quite as scary as you think.

First of all, thanks to you all, I had so many “me too” comments on that post. There are few things better in life than knowing that you are not alone. Especially for a blogger.

But secondly, and most surprisingly, and most awesomely (is that a word? well it is now), a few women in my real life reached out to me (not that my internet friends aren’t real- you know you are). One conversation with one such friend resulted in a trip up to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend with my two girls.

There were 4 other moms from school and their kids heading up there since our school was out last Thursday and Friday. I jumped on board because a) we love Great Wolf Lodge b) I needed some girl time and c) I am always looking for ways to entertain my kids when they are out of school that does not involve me participating in any sort of craft activity.

And MAN was that trip good for the soul!

First of all, the fact that ten kids, not all of whom are super close buds at school, hung out all weekend, got along and totally enjoyed each other’s company without a single fight (outside of a few sibling squabbles) is some sort of miracle. I came home loving every single one of those kids, another miracle.

But as you might suspect, what this mama really needed was some good old fashioned girl time. Time that may or may not consisted of sharing a giant plate of nachos and a bottle of Pinot at 3:30 in the afternoon while the kids ran around playing Magiquest (we SHARED the bottle like responsible parents). Well that was just a teensy part of a whole lot of good bonding.

The lesson here? a) it is always 5:00 somewhere b) nachos rarely end well but Mexican is always worth it and c) sometimes putting yourself out there ends well. Ends very well.


  1. Alison says:

    Amen to that my friend! It was a great time. It seems a few of us came home with a new, LOL, fun game addition too…thanks to you!! :)

  2. I’ve been thinking about that post since you wrote it. Friendship among women is a topic I’m dying to write about as it’s been such a huge theme in my life and interactions lately. I think many women are hungry for real connections – heart connections – with one another. I’m happy you followed up with this story… and happy you got some of what you long for. A husband who is a best friend is the biggest/best blessing ever, but when you combine that relationship with solid, sincere relationships with other women, you have the absolute best of both worlds, and I find that the relationships feed and nourish one another beautifully, too. Good for you! xo
    Megan (FriedOkra) recently posted…Dog Years TranslatedMy Profile

  3. Amy T. says:

    Good for you!! Way to step out! And a big atta girl to those who reached out to you.

  4. Way to go! I go through slumps like that sometimes that I feel as if I don’t have any friends, and the ones I DO have live too far away!
    Sarah @ Spoon Fed Baby recently posted…Month by Month PicturesMy Profile

  5. What a fun treat – even more so since it was unexpected!

  6. Shalani says:

    What a lovely photo which show how friendship goes beyond times, how I wish I could reach in that point of my life together with my friends…
    Shalani recently posted…Does it really workMy Profile

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