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Becoming a mom is like a constant exercise in un-coolness. I used to think of myself as a fairly cool person. I mean relatively. But it is REALLY hard to feel cool while cruising down the road in a mini van (although I rock my swagger wagon) with Veggie Tales blaring with my perpetual uniform of yoga pants on.

There are many things throughout my day that remind me I am not cool. Mainly my 8 year old. But the one that is a constant reminder is Foursquare.

This probably makes little sense. I mean isn’t the fact that I am ON Foursquare a clear indication that I am, in fact, cool? Plus I have earned the super user badge!!

But then there are my mayorships. For those of you who don’t understand or use Foursquare, you can earn mayorships to places you check in a lot. You have to have the most check ins at a place in the last 60 days. For some places that might take a LOT of check ins (like my gym). For others it might not take many at all if not many people are checking in.

I am currently mayor at 5 places. I would like to wow you with the hip places I frequent. The first is a business that hires people to taste test food. Sounds slightly cool, but you should know that I am taste testing baby food. With Silas. Is it cool to get paid to eat food? Yes. Is it cool to get paid to eat pureed meat? Not so much.

Next we have the play area at the local mall. Where all the cool moms hang out. Or the moms that get their nails done at the place across the way from the play area while their kids run freely. I wish I was kidding.

Next we have church. Except it isn’t my church. It is the church where my daughter goes every other Wednesday night for a girl’s group. So she is cool. I am just the chauffer. A super cool chauffer with a minivan….

Finally we have a store that sells locally produced meat, cheese and dairy. That is super cool. Local is the new black. I have never seen another sole in the store when I have been there though so maybe it isn’t as cool as I think. And then my hair salon. Surely a hair salon is cool. So I am 1 for 5.

We won’t talk about the fact that I recently lost the mayorship to my dentist and pediatrician. Or that I was kind of bummed out about it. And I am only a few check-ins away from becoming mayor at my carwash. So there is that…….


  1. Haha! This reminds me of Claire Dunphy. Which is super cool.
    Sarah @ Loved Like the Church recently posted…How I Ended 2011 With a Splash – LiterallyMy Profile

  2. Totally relate to this. I think I’m mayor of my church and my dentist.
    Amy recently posted…Master Bedroom Silk PanelsMy Profile

  3. You’re cooler than me! I don’t even use FourSquare! ;)

  4. Amy T. says:

    Local IS the new black. Being a locavore is totally cool. So cool that dome will have never heard that word before. You are 2 for 5!

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