It's Time For A Giveaway!!

  Seriously where has the time gone? I am not sure my kids are ready for the neglect that comes once a quarter during bloggy giveaway week. If only it was next week when Lily is at VBS then I would only have to feel half as guilty.

Guess what I am giving away this time? If you know me at all, you know what the answer is. That’s right readers…a lovely scripture name from Script-Yours!! (cue oohs, aahs, and ohhs).

These are hand written and will be customized for the winner. You pick your colors, your scripture, and name. Then each name is personally prayed over with the scripture before it is shipped out. This is a powerful and beautiful way to bring scriptures into your home.

In addition, anyone who doesn’t win and would still like to order any products from Script-Yours can receive 20% off any order placed before August 15th by mentioning my blog when ordering. I happen to be in good with the owner and creator of the company, my mommy :)

So to enter, just leave me a comment and I will draw at random on Saturday, Aug. 2nd at 10 pm. The winner will be posted on Sunday and notified by email.This contest is open to US residents only (so sorry), but you don’t have to have a blog to enter. Now head on over to here if you want to enter some more.

*This contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!!


  1. Christie says:

    Being the first to comment means I win, right? Script-Yours are beautiful! I’d love to give one to my nephew!

  2. So what are the chances of your drawing #2… probably not so good! But someone has to be #2!

    The scripture names are really cool… great gift idea!

    bees last blog post..De-Hacked… and Slightly Hacked Off

  3. This is a lovely giveaway! I would love to win a scripture name. I like that you pray over – that’s very sweet of you.

    Stop by my site – I have giveaways too!


  4. so sweet! I love this and it would be perfect for baby room!

    Andreas last blog post..Whoa Baby!

  5. Holy cow, this thing is here already? If I win do I get a refund? :P Just kidding, I’d totally get another one for my mom!

    Kristas last blog post..Creation X2

  6. I would love to get one for each of my kiddos…winning 1 out of 2 would sure be nice! :) Very cool and a very special/sentimental keepsake.

    Devons last blog post..Baby Update

  7. Maxime says:

    Ohhh! Me me me!!!! Can I bribe you with… chocolate cake? Or brownies? Or muffins?

  8. JMBMOMMY says:

    What a great giveaway. :)

    JMBMOMMYs last blog post..Blog Award

  9. I love this giveaway! It’s such an awesome product. Sign me up!

  10. Your mom does great work and what a great idea. :) You’re a peach for offering free give-aways. :)

    jeans last blog post..new slant on an old love

  11. how many times do i have to enter this before you pick me??

  12. nicolerenae says:

    Those are so nice! What a great idea!

  13. What a nice giveaway… count me in!

    Jodis last blog post..Giveaway ~ Precious Moments

  14. MindySaid says:

    I love your Scripture names! It’s also been a while since I’ve visited your site. I love the new look!


    MindySaids last blog post..It’s That Time Again!

  15. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  16. Yay! Count me in the contest!

    Bettys last blog post..NYC Baby!

  17. I’ll warn you, my daughter has 13 letters in her name!

    Pattis last blog post..Bloggy Carnival Giveaway TIME!!

  18. What a meaningful prize! I’d love a chance.

    CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)s last blog post..Skin MD Natural GIVEAWAY!

  19. These are so adorable, thanks!

    Karens last blog post..Win a $50 Gift Certificate!!!

  20. I love these. I’ve been entering contests to win them for several Bloggy Giveaways. I hope I win this time! :)

    Jessicas last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway — $10 CVS gift card

  21. Lindsie says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Rhonda says:

    This would make the perfect gift for my secret sister at church.

  23. I saw these last time and they are BEAUTIFUL. Maybe I’ll win one this time for my daughter. It would be such a neat keepsake. Pick me!

    citystreamss last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

  24. This would make a perfect gift from me for me. :)

  25. The only problem I would have would be actually picking a verse. :-P

    ToilingAnts last blog post..Africa book pack giveaway.

  26. Great prize, thanks!

    EGs last blog post..Berry Picking

  27. I’d love to win, I have 5 people in my life who are expecting that this would make a great gift for.

    Qtpies7s last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways

  28. Love this prize. Thanks for hosting. Kathy

  29. These look cute! I’d probably keep it for myself. =)

    Ronnicas last blog post..Giveaway: Summer Lovin’

  30. This is really neat, I have never seen anything like it. I would love to have it!

  31. Thanks so much- sounds beautiful!

    melissas last blog post..MomDot Launch Party!!

  32. Great giveaway! Thanks.

    Sallys last blog post..It’s Bloggy Giveaway Time!

  33. I love these! Very nice

  34. I love those! Can you please draw my name??

    Denises last blog post..Tell the world

  35. This would make a lovely gift for my daughter.

  36. Evan Pangburn says:

    This is such a wonderful gift idea!! I really really like these!



  37. I love these, and have bookmarked the site. Just gorgeous, would love to win this for my niece.

  38. Amanda D. says:

    This would be great! Thanks!

  39. How pretty. I know what you mean about neglecting the kiddies, ha ha. Thanks for the chance. Visit mine too!

  40. Those are so nice! Please enter me.

    Katrina (Callapidder Days)s last blog post..Giveaway: Ka-Ching (2-Player Card Game)

  41. It is time to redecorate my baby’s room now that she is walking and one of these would be such a nice touch above her door.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Sandra says:

    What a great gift idea!

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  43. Count me in. This is great!

    Charlottes last blog post..Still Sick

  44. Wonderful! I’d love to have one of these for my son’s room.

  45. I feel your heaviness over wanting to participate in this highly addictive event and still not neglect your family, my sister was supposed to come and visit on Wednesday — but is now coming Friday – I’m gleeful over the thought, how sad is that? Thanks for the chance — the Script-Yours are lovely!

    Tammys last blog post..Bloggy Carnival Giveaway

  46. Sarah M says:

    Those are beautiful. I’m always looking for your entry in Bloggy Giveaways because I want another chance to win one of these because I haven’t yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Thanks.

  47. Sounds like a beautiful gift!

    Kristins last blog post..Giveaway!

  48. Carrie says:

    What amazing offer! Thanks!

  49. This would be a gorgeous way to add a scripture and enjoy my baby’s name too:)

    tangie cs last blog post..Check out These Great Blog Contests That I Entered!

  50. How lovely! I’d love to win one of these for my baby girl!

    Wendys last blog post..What’s Up?

  51. Those are simply beautiful!!!! I would love one for my dd!

  52. WOuld love to win this! Beautiful!

  53. These are awesome! I would totally buy one for my nephew’s upcoming birthday.

  54. sara l. says:

    I have been looking for something like this to add to my little man’s room! Thanks so much for such a thoughtful giveaway!

  55. I saw this the last time and loved the idea, thnks for offering it up again.


  56. how cool are those…i love it! thanks for such a fun prize

    megs last blog post..we told him it was pug camp

  57. These are beautiful

  58. My daughter is having her first baby (my fist grandchild) in Oct and I would love to have Hagen Lee’s name done if I win.

    Gretchen Hs last blog post..Princess Coin Purse Eyeglass Cellphone case Set PINK

  59. Pick me. This would be a blessing to receive.

    sommers last blog post..Giveaways…

  60. What a lovely idea. I would love to win one to put in our livingroom. Thanks.

  61. Kristan says:

    What a great idea!

  62. I’d love to have this! Thanks for sharing something so touching!

    Christis last blog post..It’s Gonna Be a Par-tay!

  63. How beautiful.. Hmm I have 6 children so I’d have to decided which recieves one if I won. lol Probably the youngest. .

    Please enter me


    Come enter my contest..
    Lesson plans Choose from Apples,
    2008 Election or math games

    Nikkis last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway!!!

  64. Terra Heck says:

    How nice! I’d love to win one for my teenage daughter.

  65. I love this idea for a giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win!

    Beths last blog post..Friday and Weekend Doings

  66. Rachel says:

    Umm… these are AWESOME! I hope I’m not too late to the party, because I would love to be entered for this! (stupid sinus infection keeping me away from the computer all weekend… this is why I NEED an iPhone…)

    Rachels last blog post..Be Encouraged and Go Encourage

  67. This is great! You had a wonderful blog. :)

    Tisha As last blog post..Changes

  68. These are gorgeous!

  69. What a neat and creative idea!

    Katrinas last blog post..Giveaway!

  70. Oh, I know I will have such a hard time deciding what to choose if I win. It is such a beautiful idea and I love the fact that it is prayed over before it is sent out.

    Melissas last blog post..An Apple A Day & A Giveaway

  71. Great giveaway–I would love this for my daughter.

    Mrs. Sprinkless last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway!

  72. Belinda P says:

    I would love to win one for my little guy. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  73. I’d love to have one of these. Our baby is due in September and we aren’t finding out what we’re having!

    Kamas last blog post..Five Kitchen Favorites

  74. I would love to win one of these. They are so cool.

    Someone Being Mes last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways Carnivals

  75. Jennifer Hill says:

    I would love one of these for our newest little one.

  76. How cool are these?!?! I want one in my daughter’s room!

  77. Mrs. Hewett says:

    I would love to win one of these scripture name plaques. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks so much!

    Mrs. H

  78. What a great idea! I would love this for my daughter!

    Jenis last blog post..I Really, Really Love Target

  79. I love these. I would LOVE to win this!:)

    Annas last blog post..New Haircut!

  80. What a great idea. Of course, which kids would I coose??? :-)


  81. Oh… this would make a lovely new baby gift!

  82. monica says:

    Oh I love these scripture names! monk5@charter.net

  83. I love these- very unique!

  84. Victoria Nemecek says:

    What a great giveaway! These are beautiful!

  85. These are beautiful. If I won I guess I would have to buy another for my other child.

    Nancys last blog post..My boys

  86. Shannon says:

    I would very much love to win this for a family member.

  87. I would love to get these for my boys! Thanks!

    Mom to 2 Boyss last blog post..My 100th Post…sort of

  88. Caroline says:

    These are beautiful! I would love to win one for my little guy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  89. These are just the cutest things I have seen! What a great idea!!

  90. Wow these are really neat. Please count me in!

    danandmarshs last blog post..WINNER of the Ulimate Jackie’s Birthday Bonanza

  91. How cute! This would be a perfect gift for my niece’s baptism coming up.

    Great idea!

    Loris last blog post..Honesty Hurts

  92. I’ve never seen those before. Beautiful!

  93. I know the perfect little one year old battling cancer to give this to. Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Thank you for the birthday wish. You have an awesome blog…

    Rhonda (mimi)s last blog post..Pretty Birthday Girl

  95. love your new website!!! Hum, what can I copy from here???? Just kidding!!!!

    karens last blog post..roughin it in hayward! :-)

  96. Lovely giveaway. I agree with you it is a nice way to bring the scriptures into your home. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Alishas last blog post..It’s A Peach of Cake

  97. are you surprised I am entering this again?? only once this time, I promise.

    wow, you have lots and lots of comments – looks like the new site is working out for you! congrats!

    Erin Gs last blog post..Giant Cupcake

  98. Too fun! What a precious, eternal gift!

  99. This would be beautiful for our expected little ones room.

    Alainas last blog post..The No Good Day

  100. Shelly says:

    What a beautiful gift. I would love to win this.

  101. This is a beautiful, beautiful idea. I love what you’re doing. :)

    Chantels last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway, coming right up!

  102. awesome gift idea!!!! God rules!

    Livin’ in the usa

    shes last blog post..Body Goals

  103. That’s a sweet gift! We have a birthday coming up next month and this would make the perfect gift.

    Pisecos last blog post..We Can Do That!

  104. Since I am expecting, this would be great for the nursery!


  105. Thanks for the giveaway! I would LOVE to win this prize! :)

    Teris last blog post..It’s our Anniversary!!

  106. I’d love to win one of these! They are so beautiful, and would look neat in our new home!

    Jennis last blog post..The Carnival is HERE!

  107. Sarah says:

    how cool! Two babies coming to the family — I could do one of their names! (once they have names!)

    Sarahs last blog post..I need your help – HAIR CUTS

  108. Mandi says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!

    Sign me up. ( :


    Mandis last blog post..Summer Olympics 2008: A study of China

  109. Wow, this is such a great give away, I hope I am lucky!

  110. These are beautiful. I would love one for my son.

  111. I would love to have one of these for my son, Isaac! What a beautiful product!

    Lizs last blog post..I’ve been tagged!!!!

  112. LeeAnn says:

    Would love to have one of these to give as a gift!!

  113. These are beautiful!! I would love one!

    Loras last blog post..Free Stuff!!

  114. Oh my stinkin’ word! You get the prize for best tagline EV-AH. Thanks for the follow on twitter. And as far as putting names in a hat – I just scroll up and down my comment section until I stop on a name. That’s random enough for me! :-)

    Musings of a Housewifes last blog post..A Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion

  115. I am always on the look out for ways to add more scripture to our home. This would be perfect for our daughter’s room.

    Please enter my name and thank you!

  116. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Those are so beautiful.

  117. Fantastic prize.

    Cristinas last blog post..And I thought Cristina without an "h" was bad enough

  118. Hollie says:

    This would be a great gift for our sister and brother in law.

  119. This would be perfect for my daughters room!

  120. My little boy will be turning one this week and what a great keepsake!!!

  121. Love it! Thanks!

    Shays last blog post..Princess Galore

  122. Work computer won’t let me see the pictures, but it sounds like a lovely idea.

    The Random Muses last blog post..Waking up made easy(er)

  123. Allison Werstler says:

    Looks great! Thanks!

  124. What a great giveaway – I would love to win! :)

  125. Would like to use for a gift!

    Sandras last blog post..Showing Underwear

  126. My youngest is in VBS this week, wow, I didn’t consider how lucky I was! The script names are wonderful.

  127. Those are so beautiful. I love to win one with my son’s name.

    Mommie Dazes last blog post..It’s Bloggy Giveaways Time Again

  128. Chelsey says:

    This is wonderful! We could do our family surname (but what ONE verse to pick?!?!)

  129. Grace says:

    What a beautiful gift! Thank you so much!

  130. Very nice!

    Dawn ;0)s last blog post..Just for you ~ from my Grandma!

  131. Joy F says:

    Neat idea!

  132. Cassandra says:

    Very nice idea–and creative. Thanks!

  133. Oh wow! Those are soooo cool! I need something above our doorway in the foyer to welcome people.

    Joys last blog post..Baby Blues

  134. That would be awesome! Please include me. Thanks!

    On Fire For Jesuss last blog post..Peacefully Quiet

  135. Does your mom make all of these? Lovely!

  136. Oh how beautifull,
    I just had a miscarriage and this would be so beautifull to have in memory of my dear little on in heaven.

    Nicholes last blog post..The Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival

  137. Sounds wonderful. Please enter me in your contest.

    michelle b.s last blog post..Bow Giveaway!

  138. taylor k. says:

    oh, these are awesome!

    I already know the verse i would use!

    my son’s name is Samuel, and this would look great in his room!

    thanks for the great giveaway!

    trepilynnell (at) juno (dot) com

  139. What a beautiful gift. Thank you!

    Amys last blog post..My First Bloggy Giveaway!

  140. i would love my lilly to have one!

    michelles last blog post..Misc. Monday: We’re Back!

  141. Tiffany Lane says:

    please sign me up. thanks for the giveaway

  142. Wakanda says:

    These are so beautiful. I hope I win but wouldn’t know who’s name to choose.

  143. Oh these are so pretty! I’d love to give this to my MIL for all the things she has helped us do. I just know she’d love hanging it on the wall at school!

    Storms last blog post..Recipe: Fiesta Meatloaf

  144. Emily says:

    I relate all too well to the neglect that happens with the bloggy giveaways. LOL :-D GREAT, beautiful, thoughtful giveaway!

  145. Amity Sierra says:

    These are so nice ..even if I don’t win one, I think I will order one for each of my children!!

  146. Kristine says:

    How wonderful. I’ve never heard of this before, but I love that they pray over the name and Scripture! Thank you

  147. reeva says:

    Great giveaway! I hope I’m the lucky winner :)

    I’m having so much fun blog hopping!

  148. Maybe this will be my lucky number?

  149. Amber S. says:

    Great giveaway! I just browsed Script-Yours for a bit and love the work your mom does.

  150. Oh boy!! I’m in!

    Sandys last blog post..WOOT!

  151. Great giveaway. I’d love to win!

  152. I love Script-Yours.


    Julies last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway – hair bows

  153. I love this idea! I would so like to have one of these for my son.

    Alyces last blog post..Lost and Found

  154. Sounds lovely!

    Mama Zens last blog post..Pax-Hell And The Lab Rat

  155. This is such a neat idea! :) Count me in!

    Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)s last blog post..Hey! A giveaway! More photos!

  156. Kristen says:

    Thanks . . . great idea! Kristen


  157. Awesome! This is so neat!

    Please check out my giveaway as well!


    Stephanies last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!

  158. Deborah says:

    I like the Jesus note cards!


    Deborahs last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways – Color Burst Pot Holders, Frugal Wall Art Tutorial

  159. Fedora says:

    These are lovely! I’d love these for my kids!

  160. i would love to win this for my soon to be born andrew!!

    tami lewiss last blog post..menu, excellent wife and deals

  161. Ooh, how cute are those? I’d love to win one!

    Alisons last blog post..Winner of the Summer Skincare Giveaway!

  162. I really think it’s my turn to win one of these!

    Playful Professionals last blog post..Sing, Play, and Win Things

  163. Beautiful!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ashleys last blog post..I Love Me Some Free Stuff

  164. I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m happy to have the chance to win. Have a beautiful week!

    Colleens last blog post..Gross Things in My Garden

  165. Very unique, and love adding the power of prayer to it as an extra bonus, how sweet!

  166. Lucie says:

    What an awesome idea! The Script-Yours are just lovely! Many blessings to you mom and her creative inspirations! Please enter me for the drawing.

  167. I’d love to have one of these for my little boy!

    New Moms last blog post..What I Wore Sunday…

  168. I’d like one for my little girl!

    abriannas last blog post..Online College Spying

  169. What an awesome gift and ministry! I’ll have to remember this to get as gifts. :)

    Saph @ Walk With Mes last blog post..Under $6 Sale at Classic Closeouts

  170. What a great giveaway. I would love to win this for my son.

  171. These scripture names are so neat! I would love to win! :) Blessings!

  172. What a beautiful prize. I would use it as a 1st birthday gift for my son which is August 10th! Thanks for the entry!

  173. I have been wanting one of these for my daughter.

    Kims last blog post..The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival Is Here!

  174. These names are adorable. Please enter me in your drawing. I really appreciate it! Thanks, Cindi ( This would be a gift for my son in September )!

  175. This would make a great gift! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Charlottes last blog post..2 New Bible Studies

  176. These are very cool–I think I would get one with our last name, Reece, that I could hang in our entry way!
    So nice to meet you!

    Paulas last blog post..Come Find Me!

  177. What an awesome giveaway!

    Kristis last blog post..MOPS Family Picnic May 17th

  178. well considering I have three little ones it would be hard to choose between them…maybe I would get one for my hubby who just got deployed. I know he could use the prayers and what a way to remember him for the kids!

    Dawns last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway carnival time!

  179. Sandy Brown says:

    What a wonderful gift. If I were to win this, I would give it to my best friend’s baby, as a special gift. As he is a special gift to his mommy and daddy.

  180. lovedandamazed says:

    These are so beautiful. I would love the chance to win.

    God bless!

  181. these are so beautiful. My Goddaughter would love it!

    Crazy Daisys last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway – Gift Card!

  182. So cute! What a great idea!

  183. I’d love to win!!

  184. Love the title and love the give away. So cute and so beautiful. Would love to have one and the prayers. Thanks

    ambers last blog post..The Sweet, Simple Things

  185. What a cute idea – I’d love to have one with our family’s last name. :) PICK ME!

  186. What a beautiful idea, I’d love this for my daughter.

    Belinda A.s last blog post..The Party Is Starting Early!

  187. These are beautiful! Maybe one with our last name! Thanks, Bitsy

  188. Givin’ it a whirl.

  189. thanks for the great giveaway and the chance to play!

    anns last blog post..I am blessed!

  190. These are so neat! I’d love to win. Thanks for the chance!

    Jennifer H.s last blog post..Filler Tag . . .

  191. Carole says:

    I would love to get one for my baby boy’s room! So lovely!


  192. Jenn S. says:

    So sweet. I’d love this for my child.

  193. Such a cool thing to win!

    Marys last blog post..It’s a God thing

  194. Meghan says:

    I think that these sound cool!

  195. So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Julies last blog post..My Deflated Ego

  196. would love it!!

    caras last blog post..Counting my blessings

  197. Love it! Great giveaway!

  198. GrnMtnGirl says:

    I’d get one for my mom for her birthday this year. Thanks for introducing this product. I’d never seen it before!

    GrnMtnGirls last blog post..Leftovers, it’s what’s for dinner!

  199. These are so sweet! I’d love to win one!

    Mommy Crackeds last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway

  200. Sharon Fairclough says:

    Awesome, and the knowing you have prayed over it is a bonus. Thanks for the contest

  201. I am totally bookmarking the Script-Yours site! You know…just in case I don’t win!

    (Email on my profile)

    Redneck Divas last blog post..The incredible shrinking blog

  202. misty says:

    Would love one for my daughter. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    mistys last blog post..I did it.

  203. Christina says:

    Scripture names are cool.

  204. Awesome!!! Count me in please!

  205. Wouldn’t the name “Hannah” look oh so pretty? Oooh, now to think what scripture verse to use… Thanks so much for this FANTASTIC giveaway!

  206. Oh how beautiful! Please count me in for my daughter! :D

    MilkMamas last blog post..Secure 2 Me Giveaway

  207. Elizbeth P says:

    What a beauiful gift!

  208. great idea!! please sign me up…

    Gretchens last blog post..Red Letters Campaign – Attachment

  209. Karen says:

    This would be great in my daughter’s room!

  210. What a wonderful gift. It would be perfect for our daughter’s namesake!

  211. Those are beautiful. It would be wonderful to win one for my daughter. :D

    LadySnows last blog post..Note to Self….

  212. dallimomma says:

    I would love to win this for my Granddaughter’s bedroom.

  213. Christina says:

    I’ve SO been wanting to add some scripture to our home! This would be perfect for one of my kids’ rooms!

  214. This sounds like it would be a beautiful addition to our home.

    Babysteppers last blog post..Vacation Bible School. Again

  215. Gorgeous! I would love to have this!

    Vickys last blog post..BLOGGY GIVE-AWAY CARNIVAL = FUN!

  216. LJK @ onthehomefront says:

    I have a nephew on the way and this would be a perfect gift for his nursery!

    LJK @ onthehomefronts last blog post..A Love Affair

  217. What a lvoely giveaway- I’d love one for my room

  218. Alexandra says:

    I would love, love, LOVE this! Count me in!

    Alexandras last blog post..Save Money This Christmas

  219. would love this for my baby girl!!1

    Adrienes last blog post..She Did It Again…Except Reverse

  220. debbie d. says:

    fabulous! thanks!

  221. Beautiful!! Would love to have one made for my new nephew.

  222. This is lovely! I just found your site, and I feel so blessed! There are no accidents!!

  223. I love the stuff at Script Yours. It’s such a great idea. :) Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  224. I love them! Beautiful :)

  225. great giveaway! thanks! aebg1974 at bellsouth dot net

  226. Wow, these are beautiful. I would love to get one of these. My DH and I are going through fertility treatments and we have been clinging to Romans 15:13.

    Rean Day

    Rean Days last blog post..Giveaway at Simplemom.net

  227. Katherine Frazier says:

    wonderful gift

  228. Tara Hill says:

    That’s great!! I am a follower of Jesus and I would love to hang one of those in my sons room! Thanks!

  229. Oooh, those are neat! I think I’d give it to my new niece who is due to arrive next week!

    Frugal Vet Techs last blog post..The Tough Part of Budgeting – Sticking With It

  230. Jessica says:

    What about an American mommy who lives in Canada, but has an American shipping address? I have number two (of hopefully many) on the way and would love to have something like this for our new wee one :)

  231. What a great item! This would be perfect for my new little baby coming in December!

    Stephanies last blog post..Feeding The Freezer

  232. Valerie says:

    My dad would love this!

  233. Nancy says:

    I’m new to xanga and came across this give away. What a great idea! My daughter just got married and I think this could be a neat thing for them as well!

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