It's Giveaway Time!!

It’s that time again. Are your fingers nimble and ready to comment “count me in” 400 times over the next few days. I hope so, cause there are some giveaways to be won!

Anywho, I will once again be giving away a product from my mother’s fabulous line of products, Script-Yours. Like before, I will be giving away a personalized scripture name 


These are hand written and can be customized for the winner. You pick your colors, your scripture, and name. Then each name is personally prayed over with the scripture before it is shipped out.

We have chosen scriptures for each of our girls and had names done for them. I also give them out when my friends have babies. The result is always the same. People are amazed and touched by such a personal and unique gift. It also is a powerful way to bring scriptures into your home.

In addition, anyone who doesn’t win and would still like to order any products from Script-Yours can receive 20% off any order placed before May 15th by mentioning my blog when ordering.

So to enter, just leave me a comment and I will draw at random on Friday, April 25th at midnight. This contest is open to US residents only (sorry), but you don’t have to have a blog to enter. Now head on over to here if you want to enter some more.

* This contest is now closed. Thanks for entering. The winner is Shannon #28. Congrats!!


  1. Love this and I really LOVE your blog! Thanks!

  2. ivy six-pack says:

    What a beautiful idea! I have been looking for a fun, unique way to display our kids verses, but just wasn’t finding anything. I think I have now!

  3. They are beautiful. I have a Katy :)

  4. Lisa O says:

    This would be such a wonderful prize to win.

    Thanks for the chance!

  5. Mary B says:

    Love your site. Beautiful giveaway!

  6. julie says:

    Absolutely beautiful..love to win

  7. I’d love one of these for my daughter!

  8. This is beautiful! Wow!

  9. chanelireli says:

    That is just precious! I would love to have one. But then if I won one, I’d have to buy 5 more for the rest of my kids :) Sign me up anyways!

  10. ohamanda says:

    Oh, I love these! So glad to be trying to win again! ;)

  11. That is beautiful. I’d love to see my children’s names in scripture.

  12. These are so beautiful! I would love one for my Princess. Of course my DH wants one for me with 1 cor. 7:5 on it! lol!

  13. sunshinekmp says:

    I think these are a great gift. Thanks for offering this contest again! I’d love to get one for my son, or for our whole family!

  14. Cami D says:

    I would love to have one of these. I think I need 3 of them, one for each child. How beautiful and precious!
    Just the perfect gift.
    Maybe have to get one for my prayer pal at church too!

  15. I would love to have one of these done for my daughter. What a lovely keepsake it would be!

  16. What a fantastic idea! Beautiful.

  17. Lannie says:

    I would love this! We chose a Biblical name for our son…Micah.

  18. I’d love to win this for my daughter and then ofcourse I”d have to buy another one for my other daughter!!

  19. I loved this idea last time!

    (And do you really mean that you’ll draw the winner in May? I mean, I’ll wait and everything but that is a looong time. ) :)

  20. That’s gorgeous!

  21. What a beautiful idea!! Count me in!!

  22. What a lovely idea for a giveaway! Please enter my name in your drawing. Thank you!

  23. “Count me in.”

  24. I love these and I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Shannon says:

    I would love one of these for my son Tristan.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  26. I would love this. Thanks!

  27. lovely. add my name to the maybes.

  28. So cool!

  29. metoometoometoometooooo!!!!


  30. Tanya Moyer says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for offering! What a neat concept! I love them!

  31. CLEAVERMAMA says:

    I am in like flynn!

  32. That is one of the coolest things I’ve seen! Definitely count me in!

  33. Beautiful! I would love one.

  34. I remember this from last time. So cute!

  35. bunthorne says:

    I love the idea of a Scripture name.

  36. Kimberly says:

    These are beautiful! I would love to see my son’s name in this way!

  37. That truly is the coolest thing! I love it!

  38. My hand is in the air and waving frantically -ohohohohoh mememememe! :)

    What a great prize!

  39. pineymama says:

    This a lovely idea! Enter me, please!

  40. What a great idea!

  41. Nicole says:

    Love your blog…found you through 3 in Under 3, who is my neighbor. These are a really neat idea. Thanks for offering!

  42. This we so great for our upcoming anniversary, to get one in our last name.

  43. What a wonderful gift idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  44. canearl says:

    I’m in

  45. This is absolutely one of the neatest things I have ever seen!!!! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  46. Lucky number 44? Count me in.

  47. How wonderful! I would get it with my dd’s name.

  48. I’m so glad to see this back! I would love SEVEN of them, lol.

  49. Ok, that is totally weird that you chose THAT name (my name!) and that verse, because that is my all time favorite scripture. No joke! Kind of cool!

  50. So great! Count me in, please!

  51. Oh yeah, this would make a perfect mother’s day gift… Thanks for the reminder!

  52. Love this! Thanks!

  53. i really want one of those for my daughter, madyson! i hope i win!

  54. Vanessa says:

    That’s such a great prize. I love it!! You’re blog is awesome, I have you bookmarked on my toolbar so can check your new post daily. Thanks!!

  55. wonderful

  56. I would love this for my daughter!

  57. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  58. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  59. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  60. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  61. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  62. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  63. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  64. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  65. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  66. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  67. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  68. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  69. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  70. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  71. jennifer bowen says:

    realy cute

  72. That’s awesome, I love that!

  73. These are so gorgeous. What a blessing.

  74. NicoleZD says:

    I would really, really love to win one of these to give as a gift to my grandmother!

    fiordpiner [at] yahoo [dot] com

  75. Oh it’s beautiful!!! Could I choose my daughter’s first and middle name? She goes by both. That’s ok if only the first! Thank you!

  76. This is an absolutely beautiful idea!

  77. I have been wanting one of these since the last carnival. Please count me in.

  78. Mindy says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. It is beautiful!

    mindysaid (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. still precious!

    still trying to win one! ;)

  80. These are so unique! Please enter me!

  81. My sister-in-law is expecting her first baby (a girl) this fall. Oh, this would be the PERFECT shower gift for her!!

    Thank for for such a neat giveaway!

  82. Cindi says:

    A very unique idea! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  83. These are so great. I really wanted to win one last time… maybe this time will be my lucky day. :)

  84. What a great giveaway

  85. That is just so cool! By all means enter me.

  86. This would be perfect for my baby’s room…that we are currently decorating since she won’t be here until August!

  87. sara l. says:

    What an awesome idea…And such talent you have! I would love one for my little man’s room…Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  88. I noticed your work during the last carnival and loved it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  89. Sarah M says:

    This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for having a unique giveaway. Are you ready for it? Here it is: Count me in. :)

  90. lovedandamazed says:

    This is truly a beautiful thing!! I have been disappointed each time I’ve not won your previous giveaways, so maybe this time it will be my turn. :-)

  91. These are wonderful!

  92. How unique! I love it!!

  93. What a beautiful product! Definitely enter me.

  94. monica says:

    I still wanna win this!! monk5@charter.net

  95. What a great idea! I would love to win this one. This is one of the more special giveaways out there, thanks for the chance! Good luck to all.

  96. OMG those are flippin’ awesome! What a wonderful idea. I love it, love it, love it!

  97. These are just beautiful, amazing works of art! I would love to give this to my god daughter for her birthday in May!

  98. I am hosting my own bloggy carnival over at Seven Dogs right now!! Connor’s First Birthday Blog Bash is featuring over $530 in prizes. Come check it out!!

  99. I would love to have these for my boys…or maybe a gift to my hubby. These are fabulous!

  100. this is super cute, would love to win

  101. I’d love this for my blessing!

  102. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me! This is one I have actually wanted to win when it was offered before!

    Come enter mine for $25 for ebay!

  103. Kara Portilla says:

    Love, ,love, love…I need one for my Baby’s room…she is coming from Ethiopia and we have a scripture just in mind!

    Oh boy!!! I would love to win! Pick me, pick me, pick me…

    You can reach me at karaportilla@mac.com


    Check out my GIVEAWAY at http://www.bringinghomeava.com

  104. Allison says:

    This is such a neat giveaway! I hope I win!

  105. princessesindisguise says:

    Wow, this is a great idea. I would love my daughter’s name, Charity, done with her verses…2 Cor. 13: 4-7
    If I don’t win, I’ll check back and possibly order it. Thanks,
    Kathy (mom to the princesses in disguise)

  106. I checked out your Moms site and just LOVE the idea! I will be ordering for new babies

  107. We would love to win!

  108. acupofjoy says:

    How Lovely! This is a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway!


    Hey, don’t forget my giveaways!




  109. Very cool! Please enter me and come visit my blog and enter my giveaway also.

  110. Oh, I want this for my daughter’s room, this is such a beautiful idea.

  111. what a unique idea! I’d love one for all 4 of our kids!!

  112. Carol says:

    This is an awesome gift. I wouldn’t know which kids name to pick for it though, still love to win though. Thank you

  113. Wendy Clark says:

    How Fun!

  114. wanita says:

    that is a beautiful idea. i love words…this is a unique way to express love.

  115. I would love one of these! Thanks!

  116. How beautiful. And what a great gift idea. I need to remember you site.

  117. These are awesome!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Sign me up! ( :

    In Christ,

  118. Would be a perfect for a friend due in May!

  119. What a beautiful and inspiring giveaway!

    Please enter me!

    Tammy ~@~

  120. Oh wow. I love this! And I really appreciate that you pray over every one. That’s awesome!

  121. I love all the words she has. Neat stuff. This is a terrific prize. :)

  122. I loved these the first time I saw them and have been trying to convince myself that I could fit it into the budget. Free would work, lol!
    Come check out my giveaway: http://ojoyofmylife.blogspot.com/2008/04/its-carnival.html

  123. What a precious gift for my daughter!


  124. dallimomma says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks.

  125. Oh, I remember seeing this for the first time in the last Carnival — they are so pretty! I’d love to have one made with our last name (or maybe my son’s first name…. oooh, how will the winner ever CHOOSE!?)

  126. I didn’t even know someone could do something like this. That is sooo cool! and very cute! =]

  127. Oh, what a beautiful idea! I just love these.

  128. Lindsie says:

    This is so unique!!

  129. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It’s wonderful! I’d love to win :)

  130. Mrs. K Hewett says:

    These scripture name plaques are great! Thanks for including me in your drawing.

  131. these are so cool….and meaningful. how i long for my girls’ lives to be saturated with Scripture! i suppose if i win one i’ll have to purchase another for the other daughter! thanks for using your talent to glorify God.

  132. How cute. please enter me.

  133. Tiffany Rosson says:

    That is beautiful. Any of my daughter’s names would be great in that format.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway.
    Tiffany Rosson
    tiffanyannrosson AT yahoo DOT com

  134. This is so neat! I think I would choose my oldest son’s name.

  135. Mary Lou says:

    Please enter me. This is such a neat idea. I have bought one from my husband, would love to win one. Thanks.

  136. Joan Barrett says:

    MY best friend had a baby not too long ago and she would LOVE this! She is going to college and taking care of her baby by herself and this would be a great treasure for her.

    Please consider us!

    Joan Barrett

  137. This is such a unique idea! i love it!

  138. These are beautiful – what a great idea!

    And yes, I do have a US residence . . .

  139. This is fantastic! I would love to win one of these for one of my kids. Thanks!

  140. i would once again love this one!! thanks Jill.

  141. Oooh yes, I remember you did these before and I STILL would love one!!! Please sign me up.:)

    If you have a moment, stop on by my blog and join in on my giveaway fun –

    Thanks again,

    Alyson @ 3 P’s

  142. Count me in (the 297th time today!). I love these and would love to have one for our daughter!

  143. Super cool!

  144. Those are so cool! Thank you for much for the giveaway. I would love to win this! nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

  145. Wow! What an amazing gift idea! I would love to win this. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  146. Ashley says:

    I entered last time, and would love to win!

  147. What an awesome idea!!! I would love one for myself or hubbie or daughter… :)

  148. Heather says:

    Wow, this is really cool. What a blessing for a teenager, or for a baby gift that has incredible meaning.


  149. Valerie says:

    Wow-I really like that! My dad would love this
    KawaiiNeko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

  150. This is a wonderful offer!! I have a certain Graduate in mind for one!! Thanks for the offer!

  151. Those are adorable!!! What awesome work!

  152. Such a neat idea!!! I don’t think I have seen anything like this before! Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. What a beautiful piece, thanks for the chance.

  154. Natasha says:

    This is the most unique giveaway I have seen so far. I would love to have my son’s name in scripture — we would put it over his crib. Gorgeous.

  155. This is really neat! Thanks for the contest!

  156. bobbie says:

    thanks for doing this giveaway, beautfiul work.

  157. This is really pretty. It would be great for hanging above my daughter’s bed.

  158. This is such a neat gift! Wow, I would possibly have a hard time deciding which scripture to use for one of my daughters, or which daughter for that matter. Thanks!

  159. I love these!!!!!!

  160. What a beautiful idea! Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. That is a neat idea! Thanks for having this.

  162. Tamara (AK) says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for offering it!

  163. So creative and so pretty. I would love to have or to give one.

  164. I would love this for my son. What a beautiful gift. Thanks for the giveaway.

    daisyduck0427 at gmail dot com

  165. April Menking says:

    I would love to have one of these with my little girl’s name! Thanks

  166. I love this! What a neat idea!

  167. I love this idea. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  168. Sarah A. says:

    Very creative. I would love one for either of my kids.

  169. WOW WOW WOW! I am blown away! That is SOOO neat! I would love to win this for one of my daughters!
    Theresa Marie

  170. Kathy says:

    I have never seen anything like this and would love to have it. Thanks, Kathy

  171. Heidi says:

    Wow- I’m so glad I stumbled upon this one, I LOVE the Scripture names, they’re gorgeous!!!

  172. I would love to win this!! My youngest is name Jeremiah because God gave me the Jer. 29:11 verse when I was going thru a rough time and getting pregnant was just one of the turning points as things got better.

  173. taylor says:

    this is such a lovely gift.

    my son’s name is samuel, and it would mean so much to me to have one of these for him!



  174. The scripture names look adorable.

  175. I have been drooling over these since the last bloggy giveaway!

  176. I’d love this for one of my kids!

  177. I love this! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  178. Love this idea. Would love to hang it in my daughter’s room.

  179. fedora says:

    Those are beautiful! I’d not heard of those before finding your blog–thanks for the pointer!

  180. Rita A. says:

    How neat an idea. Very uplifting.

  181. Great gift giveaway! Very unique

  182. oooh, me me! :)

  183. I really wanted this last time! I would be super estatic to win!
    It is such a thoughful and generous gift! Thanks for the chance to win!

  184. Laura Delich says:

    Wow! What a wonderful idea. I plan to also make prints to hang over each of our little “lambs'” beds that say “For this child we pray” and wouldn’t a Scripture name go well with that!!??!!

    This is a truly inspiring idea and you are being such a blessing to all of us parents!


  185. I’ve been trying for this each time you did a giveaway for this! =) I’ve got to win this! =)

  186. What a wonderful giveaway!

    Have fun this week with your giveaway. Don’t forget to head on over to my blog and sign up for mine!

  187. I think these are so great! Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  188. What a fun idea… Thanks for the great giveaway!

  189. This would be PERFECT in my son’s nursery!!!

  190. Teri Meairs says:

    Awwwww! How great are these. My grandaughter will be here anyday, Lily. I hang the Serenity Prayer over my bed. I would love Lily to know it also. If the verse is fairly short, and does’nt fill the name, do you repeat the verse, or do another? I enjoyed my visit. Please add me to your newsletter. Thank you!

  191. Sarah says:

    Every time there is a bloggy giveaway carnival I enter to win this, and every time I don’t. Maybe this time I will!!!

  192. What an absolutely lovely idea! Please enter me! I have 8 kids so will have to think of something for all of us. Bless you!

  193. Robin M. says:

    This is such a cool idea… I love it! Thank you :)

  194. one of my girls name is Katie I would love this

  195. That is absolutely gorgeous & I would love to win…thanks for your generosity

  196. Erica G says:

    We are having a baby at the end of June. I would love to have this for my newborn.

  197. Oh, how exquisite and precious. I would certainly love to win one of your beautiful works for my little girl! Thanks! ( meg.wilson@gmail.com )

  198. chantelle says:

    how nice! thank you!

  199. Oh, I wanted one of these last time–I love them. I’ll try again here! Thanks for offering them again!

  200. Fruitbearer says:

    I’d love to win this :). Thanks for a chance.

  201. sweetanlo says:

    These are so cool! Please enter me.

  202. What an awesome product:)

    Please enter me

  203. Great giveaway!

    FREE $5 Stuff on Us Gift Card at http://www.noahsarkworkshop.com/constancecotton_s9956

  204. Terra Heck says:

    I’d love to win one of these for my youngest step-daughter.

  205. tonsofsons says:

    Love this!

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  206. Pamela Kramer says:

    I’ve never seen this before. I love it! Count me in.

  207. Awesome –thanks for doing this

  208. What a neat idea! I would love to win this. I even know the verse I would pick already!

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