It's A Boy!!

baby-boy Well, he isn’t here yet, but he made his appearance on the big screen last Friday. The sweet woman doing the ultrasound told us he was a boy and I was all, “Are you sure?” Then on cue, baby boy gave us the money shot. I wanted to post it, but the hubby objected. Apparently we are going with the rule that you don’t show anyone your pee pee even from the womb. Hopefully that rule will stick during toddler-hood. Anyway, I immediately turned to my hubby and squealed, “We made a boy!!”

I am adjusting in my brain. Gearing up for getting pee shot in my eye, planes, trains and automobiles and a child that doesn’t squeal at the top of her lungs and demand to wear dresses. I will admit, I am nervous. I do princesses and beauty shops really well. But I look forward to raising a total mamma’s boy who loves me above all others. That is part of the deal right?

Many people assumed that when we got pregnant with a third kid after having two girls that we were “trying for a boy.” I can’t tell you how many times someone asked me if I was hoping for a boy. In some ways I guess I get it, but I really don’t. I love my girls. I would have been happy with another and not felt like my life or my family was lacking in any way. In some ways I think the hubby and I hoped a bit for another girl only because we are seasoned girl raisers now. We have all the Polly Pockets, Barbie Dolls and dress up clothes in stock. She would have a life time of hand me downs and all the pink she could ever want.

Now we switch gears. The girls initially expressed disappointment, but they have quickly warmed to the idea and now talk to their little brother in my tummy everyday. Lily asked me the other day if she had to start liking superheros now. I assured her she did not. I also have tried to adequately prepare my hubby for the fact that his son will most likely get dressed up like a princess on more than one occasion. I’m thinking this in one lucky little man considering that he will have 2 big sisters bringing their cute friends around the house once he hits the teenage years.

So we are excited. I love finding out what I am having because I love calling him by name and bonding with him even before he comes. And now that I have seen his sweet profile on the screen, he finally seems real to me. What is funny is that he wasn’t really moving around much until the day of my ultrasound. Now he kicks me like crazy. It’s as if he is telling me, “Nice to meet ya mommy!!”  I can’t wait to meet him.


  1. I thought I wanted another girl – until I found out our David was a boy, and I was THRILLED. Like, totally over-the-moon excited. He’s not quite 3 weeks old now, but so far I love being a boy-Mama! Congrats on your little man!

    Jenis last blog post..David’s First 10 Days

  2. You will LOVE having a boy! My two girls are incredible, but my sweet boy is a buffer for all the emotions in the house! Yeah! Congrats!!

    We are THAT familys last blog post..1 Down, 999 To Go

  3. I have three boys and it’s lots of fun! They’re all very mushy and loving and silly and fun! You’re all going to have a blast!

  4. Andrea @ MommySnacks.net says:

    Again, so happy for you!!! And, I’m sure he will get dressed up a lot by your girls. Or, if he’s anything like my boys, he’ll do it himself! It’s a stage I hope they go through or else we’ll be saving money not just for college but future therapy sessions :)

    Andrea @ MommySnacks.nets last blog post..New Kraft Coupons

  5. Boys are a huge blessing! I get what you mean about people expecting you to be trying for a certain gender. I totally don’t get that. God gives you the kids that He knows you should have. Your son is so blessed to have such a wonderful family :).
    BTW- I lucked out and never got shot in the face with pee from my son. Total luck I’m sure!

    Candaces last blog post..Bloggy Break

  6. 1.) you are oddly certain that your son will not sqeal at the top of his lungs and demand to wear dresses. I was the oldest (two girls then a boy, like you) and I assure you he will want to do whatever his sisters are doing. And he will squeal along the way. Your dress-up days are far from numbered, my bloggity friend.

    2.) I think it’s funny that people thought you were trying for a boy. My mom got asked the same question a lot, but she would have loved three girls I think (side note: brother is now the favorite, even over me and I gave her grandchildren!!)… and I know moms of girls and boys only who have no pressing need for the other gender. I’m not one of them (wanted both… well ok I would have been ok with all girls), so I don’t think you’re weird at all to have been happy either way!!

    3.) Um, HE made a boy. You’ll grow him and nurse him and raise him to know how to treat women, but DAD gave him his boy parts. Your egg? Not a factor. You know this, of course. ;-)

    4.) I am jealous you have a name already. Why is this so much easier for everyone but me?

    5.) I am so, so happy you’re having a son. There’s nothing like a kid who wants to be all boyish and grown-up one second and talk to the man driving the big truck, and wear the same clothes as daddy… who just wants some milk from mommy five minutes later. I wouldn’t trade my precious son for anything. CONGRATS!!


    Erin Gs last blog post..Time Out!

  7. Andrea says:

    I totally get what you mean – when my boy was born I cried because I didn’t realize how much I really did want a boy, even though I was 100% convinced he was going to be a girl and was preparing to do his room in pink and ruffles! Girls are what I know and I adore my girls. But there’s just something about getting a big hug from your boy that doesn’t compare to anything else. And he will adore you – how could he not?

    Andreas last blog post..How could I forget that?

  8. Congratulations on the boy. Boys are fun!

    I love my two boys and people keep asking me if I’m going to try for a girl as if our family will be incomplete with out a girl. Silly I think.

    Anns last blog post..Jason Live

  9. A boy! Congrats! What are you going to fake-name him for your blog? Since you can’t show his “boy parts” ultrasound, I suggested you refer to him as “Little Frank.”

    Although, that’s what I call my wiener dog.

    Strong Rhetorics last blog post..Part Time Lover

  10. Congratulations! My little brother used to put on my tights, pin a pink towel around his neck and claim to be Superman. So even if he occasionally ends up in girls clothes, in can still be in a very manly way. :) I’m so excited for your family!

    Brandy T.s last blog post.."It’s always easier to be the one leaving than to be the one being left"

  11. Congrats on a bundle of blue! We have our ultrasound this Friday, but plan to be surprised at delivery. We also have two little girls.

    Kristys last blog post..Grace

  12. Oh how wonderful and exciting!!! Sounds like your little girls will make great big sisters! My family also had 2 girls and the youngest being a boy:)

    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..If You Want To Play You’ve Gotta Pay..

  13. Congratulations! Yeah, we would have been “trying for a boy” if we had tried for a third. We weren’t up for the challenge, however. So we’re done! :)

    Amy Wardens last blog post..Update on Skin Absorbing Cosmetics

  14. YAY! Congratulations! I’m the same way, I feel like once I know the gender, I can bond in a more personal way with the baby I’m carrying. I can’t wait to find out with this one…hopefully on Monday!

    Heathers last blog post..Displaced

  15. Yay!! A Boy! I’m so excited for you! Super heros and blanket-fortresses are COOL! And it’s SO beyond sweet when they pick you flowers :)

    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parentings last blog post..To Do Tuesday Week 18

  16. Congratulations! As mama to a boy (and I honestly thought he was a girl the whole pgy – shocked when the doctor pulled him out and said, “It’s a BOY!”), I’ll tell you that you’re in for a treat.

    tip to avoid pee-in-the-eye-syndrome: as soon as you pull the used diaper down, cover him up with another (clean) diaper. Apparently, the pee-reflex has more to do with colder air hitting him than anything else and I successfully avoided EVER being peed-on with this method. My DH, however, never did it and was peed-on constantly. (giggle)

    sues last blog post..Tasty Tuesday: Paul’s Curried Chicken

  17. Congratulations!
    I have a 5yr old boy and two little girls, and I have to say there is just something so special about having a son.

    There is nothing sweeter than your little guy saying when he grows up he wants to marry you. Awww bless their little hearts.

    You are going to LOVE having a little man!
    Congrats again to your whole family!

    SimplySaras last blog post..Menu Plan June 8- June 14

  18. Little boys are so much fun! I actually cried when I found out it was going to be a boy! I already had a little girl and didn’t know what to do with a boy… plus I was afraid that boys don’t love their mommies like little girls do. I was so wrong. He’s such a little mama’s boy and I love him so much! Congrats!

  19. Congratulations!!!!

    LaVonnes last blog post..Sunday Not So Funnies

  20. hey, i am de-lurking to say congrats! i hope its not weird that i still read your blog even though its been ages since i lived up there! :) we have 3 mama’s boys and just love it! i hope they love me this much for the rest of their lives! just the other day my oldest asked when he could fall in love with me:) people always ask if we are going to try for a girl, but when we have our fourth, I really just want him/her to be healthy and don’t care much about gender (though it would be fun to throw in some pink to the mix!). anyway congrats, i am very happy for you guys! how fun! (PS, never usually got peed in the face, just on the arm or hand…those disposable nursing pads work as a good cover for the little man parts when changing the diaper! maybe you won’t have a sprayer, one of our’s hardly ever sprayed)

  21. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you :)

    Beth@Not a Bow in Sights last blog post..What I learned- Visiting the Doctor and The Library

  22. As a mother of two boys and a girl in the middle, I can say that the change up may be kinda scary now, but you’ll find your way (and if your blog is any indication) with grace and ease.

    Congrats on the little man!

    jubilees last blog post..New Every Morning

  23. Congrats on your superman! I love having my little superman. As early as I am, I never knew how much fun having a little man would be.

    courtney from mommie blogss last blog post..I don’t think I can do it alone…

  24. Congrats! How exciting. Just the other day Hubby was trying to find something to wear for our 6 mo old guy. He found a pair of pants and claimed that they looked girly. I had to be honest and admit they were hand me downs from our 19 mo old girl. They were in perfect shape and I didn’t think they looked very girly. I guess I was wrong! :-)

    Missys last blog post..The One With All The Doctor Visits

  25. Congratulations!

    Paiges last blog post..And that comes with a nap, right?

  26. Congratulations!
    I have 2 boys and they are just great :)
    You’ll love it too. Am very excited for your family.

    Narelle Nettelbecks last blog post..Being an Adult

  27. Congratulations!
    I had two boys, and then a surprise girl (didn’t find out till birth). It was so much fun having a different gender for the third. My boys were and still are such sweet boys with a very close relationship with their mama – you have much to look forward to with your new little one.

    Christines last blog post..Origami Cube tutorial

  28. So proud for you!

    BTW, boy diapers are a ton easier to change b/c all of their business is on the outside. Yeah, sure, they can put out your eye with one shot, but after one time, you learn the look in their eyes and the way they get all still and you duck! :)
    .-= Brandi´s last blog ..Scooby Doo Underwear and a Prayer =-.

  29. oh amanda says:

    Yay! A little pirate for you!!
    .-= oh amanda´s last blog ..Too. Tired. To. Post. =-.

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