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   We are walkin’ in a winter wonderland around here. Which basically means the season of “trapped inside with young children until you want to gouge your eyes out” has begun. And what is the answer to the season? Mall play areas. The germ infested, plague inducing mall play area. Complete with creepy large breakfast foods masquerading as a jungle gym. Did I mention the germ infested children?

So I met some moms from my mom’s club there today to escape the four walls of my house. Lily had a birthday party yesterday that WORE HER OUT!! So she was a bit on the tired side. And of course right off the bat some kid plowed into her causing her to bite her tongue. A bit of drama ensued. I am not sure where she gets it.

Then began the entertainment portion of the playdate. Well if you are into boxing entertainment. Cause Hannah started taking down every boy in the play area. Right about the time that the youth pastor showed up with his adorable son. Don’t panic, she was smart enough to stay away from the pastor’s kid. But took down anyone else with a Y chromosome she could find. Lovely.

I restrained from screaming at her, so that was a success. And outside of Lily giving Hannah a bloody nose later in the day (don’t ask), the rest of the day was pretty violence free. I am waiting for my promotion to director of parenting classes at the church any day now….


  1. haha I was wondering if those were mittens or boxing gloves! too funny!

    I’ve been secretly HOPING for snow around here (don’t tell any of my fellow southerners, they’ll be mad that I wished upon us a day of closed roads and empty grocery aisles since snow makes us a little panicky), since Nathan still hasn’t had his first winter wonderland. but maybe I should hold off on those wishes and be glad we can still play outside. where it’s reasonably warm (well, cool). and not germ-infested.

    hope the girls don’t get sick!

    Erin Gs last blog post..Don’t Touch the Tree!

  2. That is one of my favorite reasons I now love full day school….no more trying to find something non-germy to do during the day. She gets all the germs she needs at school, and I don’t have to worry about gouging my eyes out!

    Chars last blog post..Hopcat – Review

  3. oh amanda says:

    At least you got out of the house yesterday…

    oh amandas last blog post..Oh, that Pirate. He’s a funny one.

  4. Heather H says:

    A guy in our small group made the comment one time about how innane it is to make play things out of breakfast foods – of COURSE the kids are going to bite each other!

    Heather Hs last blog post..Zora’s Hot Date

  5. That’s hilarious! I get pretty grossed out by the mall play area but I’m kind of bummed because our mall doesn’t have one. It would be a great way to burn some energy! Thanks, again, for the laughs!!

  6. nicolerenae says:

    So, does that mean the Woodland Mall play area is open again? I tried to meet a friend there about a month ago, only to find an empty play area. Yes…I go to those often for my kids to burn energy, too! And my kids don’t get sick…although I probably just jinxed myself!

  7. I’m a terrible mom. I drive 20 minutes out of our way to do our shopping at the mall WITHOUT a play area. The play area at the mall closest to us is guaranteed to leave with your child with either a black eye or some cooties that will take at least a week to leave your house.

    You’re a braver mom than I am!

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..A message from the principal of the Tree Climbing Academy

  8. I KNEW I loved that Hannah! You go girl! :)

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Burlington Coat Factory $100 Challenge (and GIVEAWAY of course!)

  9. Oh, you’ve just written about my day yesterday! Except my kid asked the Assoc. Pastor if he wanted a Hertz Donut. When the pastor reluctantly agreed, my son punched him in the arm and asked, “Hurts, don’t it?”

    Um yeah . . . we’ll be back row joes for while.

    jubilees last blog post..In The Shadow Of Lions

  10. Sounds like a day in my house! Except where I live, we dont go out in the summertime because it’s to dang hot. Winter here is perfect. But I feel ya. Those play places were built by the germ devil.

    tashas last blog post..Conversations with DH

  11. Ahh.. the weird play breakfast food. I remember playing there when the toys were a bit better. Now we hit the mall with the giant tree for our toddler. And slathered antibacterial gel all over him when we left!

    Donielle @ Raising Peanutss last blog post..Thrifty Christmas

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