Is That Spelled With A G?

   For the last few winters I have taken a very short term job before the holidays working for a friend of mine who manages the distribution of live Christmas trees across the country (whew). In years past I have dealt with some interesting truckers, but this year I am dealing exclusively with stores. Which makes for a much less colorful conversation, but I can surf around on the internet while working and still get paid so I can’t complain.

Let me take a slight detour for a moment. I grew up with a hard to spell name. Well, I thought it was super easy to spell, but apparently no one else did. Shepherd. Which got spelled Sheperd, Shephard, Shepard, Sheppard, the list goes on. I would say things like, “It is spelled like in the bible.” Blank stares. “It is spelled like the actual occupation.” Uh, nothin. Then I would spell it, look down, and it would still be spelled wrong. Seriously people? It isn’t like my name was Rumpelstiltskin.

So the other day while working I had to giggle after a particular conversation wiht a lovely store employee. At the end of every conversation, I have to ask the person’s name so I can document who I spoke to. When I asked she told me Lurlene. Lurlene? Hadn’t really heard that one before. Rather uncommon right? So I ask her for her last name. Griggs she tells me. G.R.I.G.G.S. She spells it. Um, I think I can spell Griggs. How bout some help with Lurlene.


  1. Me not having a “E” at the end of Kati always throws people off….I’m constantly called CAT-EE….gotta love telemarketers!

    Katis last blog post..It’s all come screaming back to me

  2. Ha! My name is Sarah and the pretty standard question is “with an H or without an H?” There are times when I’ve answered “with an H” and later seen what they’ve written – “Shara” or sometimes even “Sarha” or “Sahra”!

    Junglewifes last blog post..Natalie’s presents and cake

  3. I have a very easy last name to spell, except that nobody believes that it really is my last name. It’s one of THOSE last names that nobody should have (silly not dirty). I married into it. I’m hoping it will make my kids tough:)

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..Poor Peppermint Patty… and Franklin and Marcie and Linus

  4. 1)I have a tricky first name. Oddly enough, it’s spelled exactly like it sounds, but no one gets it right.

    2) My maiden name was easy, but it was also a girl’s first name, which threw people off and they invariably spelled it wrong.

    3) My first married surname was easy, or so I thought. But there are apparently 100 different ways to spell it.

    4) My current surname isn’t even pronounced the same way within the family, let alone spelled correctly by anyone outside the family.

    It’s no wonder I use the pseudonym Annie Jones.

    Annie Joness last blog post..Something Different: Kefir

  5. LOL! My maiden name was Guelich. Add that to Jo-Lynne and you better believe I was spelling both names my whole life. I was so glad to take on Shane and leave Guelich behind!

    Musings of a Housewifes last blog post..Cause Who Needs $30,000 Anyway?

  6. Ed has been asked to spell his name before. And it happened in the office we worked at and EVERYONE was cracking up when he kept repeating his name to the person and you could hear him say, “E.D. Ed.” And our last name? the 2nd L throws people off. Balanco.

    jeans last blog post..Book Review

  7. My sister in law ran across a rather interesting name the other day.
    Le-a and is is pronounced Ladasha…the dash is not silent…

  8. It is amazing that no matter the name, people will mess it up! My maiden name and married name are both uncommon and so I expect spelling/mispronunication issues–but Maria? Really? And so, sadly, I’ve learned to answer to Marie, Mary, and Marcia.

    Marias last blog post..A Cheerleader, A BooBoo Chicken, and Other Random Details

  9. I feel your pain. I grew up with an irritating last name, so when I got married and became a Mitchell, I thought I had it made. Now everywhere I go people ask me how many “L”‘s are in Mitchell. Because Mitchel is just so common, you know!

    Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffees last blog post..Just how much is an insane amount anyways?

  10. That is pretty funny! Of course there are a million ways to spell Jenny but fortunately I have the most common one. i think you should definitely keep Lurlene in your back pocket to name a future child. OR fake-blog-name a future child.

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Monday Holidaze Giveaway: Bugalug Baby Hair Accessories

  11. Yeah, my first name is often misspelled. I learned that I could tell people that it was spelled “like a stripper” and they’d get it every time. Classy, huh?

  12. I have this same problem. No one can spell my first name, and even worse, they can’t pronounce it. I have been called everything in the book from Shania (like the country singer) to Shannon. It is quite ridiculous.

    Shyneas last blog post..THE ONE DOLLAR GIVE

  13. That’s too funny! I grew up with the last name Henrichson. Everyone always wanted to put a ck or an d in there! McMann is difficult, too. People either spell it McCann or McMahon. Sheesh! :)

    Andrea Mcmanns last blog post..Announcement!

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