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I have a new obsession.

In case you missed the news, Instagram has finally come to android phones. I downloaded it the second I heard to see if it lived up to all the hype. You see I had listened to all the iPhone users for years rub it in our face that us poor android users didn’t have it (no I’m not bitter, why do you ask?). And now…..now, I understand.

I love Instagram. I love how it makes me feel like I can actually take a picture. I love seeing the gorgeous pictures other people take. I love the photo a day challenge. I love, love, love everything about it. There are probably a million other reasons to love it that I don’t even know about!!!

So tell me, what awesome things are there for me to discover on Instagram?

ps. I keep my Instagram private because I post a lot of pictures of my kids there so if you try and follow me and I don’t reply don’t be offended. Although you are missing gems like this one. I apologize.


Day 7 Instagram Photo a Day: A Young Me

pss. did you see that Facebook bought Instagram today for like a bajillion dollars? I am going to be so irritated if they ruin it right when I have fallen in love. Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t make me hurt you?


  1. My love for Instagram runs deep. And is one of the biggest reasons I begged my hubby to get my iPhone last summer {he had one for years, but I always stuck to the cheapo phones}. I’ve just started looking for collage apps to show two pictures in one. Those are a lot of fun.
    Sarah recently posted…Hello, My Name is Sarah and I’m an Angry MomMy Profile

  2. You echo all my thoughts about instagram exactly! LOVE IT, newly obsessed, and my iphone friends all think us droid users are perverting it but really it’s the Zuck that’s going to do that. (Better post those nursing pics while I still can)…
    Erin G recently posted…Charlotte, by NathanMy Profile

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