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I tagged along with my hubby this week to a conference at a Ritz Carlton in Tucson. Today my agenda was go for a mountain hike, take a yoga class, lay by the pool all day, take a bath in a giant tub, order room service. Go to bed.

I know. I hate me a little too.

I am on mountain time when I am used to being on eastern time. Which means I get crazy tired at 8 pm and my body wants to wake up at 5 am.

When you travel outside your time zone, do you fight the time change and stay on your home time? Or do you give in and try and adjust to the new time zone for a few days?

Oh and in case you really want to hate me, here are a few pictures of my trip so far.


the lighting of this picture is awful cause I took it with my phone directly into the sun, but this was during my hike down the side of a mountain


where I am spending 90% of my day. how brilliant are these chairs right in the water?


the view out my hotel window. not too shabby.


watching the sunset over the mountains

I am seriously so blessed to be able to be on this trip with the hubby (who is totally busy at the conference leaving me to fend for myself at the pool) and totally grateful to the grandparents and respite family that are making it possible!!


  1. Good for you!! You deserve it. Good luck fending for yourself at the pool! Sounds hard!
    Erica {let why lead} recently posted…The Marriage Diaries: “One Thing We Were Horrible At”My Profile

  2. Does it have a swim-up bar? Cause if so I’m coming to join you. I don’t think Ryan would mind, right?
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…This Is Me.My Profile

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