I have this inner voice that is always prodding me to do inappropriate things. Kind of like the devil on my shoulder. Although they aren’t particularly evil things. Just inappropriate things that make me (and usually my husband when I tell him) giggle.

For example.

We are on vacation this week and of COURSE that means I got my period (I know. Talk about inappropriate. But I didn’t know how else to phrase it and it is necessary to the story. Sorry mom). I packed what seemed like an arsenal of feminine hygiene products but of course still somehow managed to run out.

So today I took a short detour to Walgreens to buy tampons (again. sorry). When I got there I discovered they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale. I wisely decided it made sense to buy two packs because, unless menopause is coming earlier these days, I would in fact need more at some point.

I walk to the counter armed with just two boxes of tampons and nothing else. I pay for them and as I am finished checking out the cashier very politely and appropriately says, “Have a nice day.”

Since I will never walk in this Walgreens in a strange city again, it took EVERYTHING within me not to scream back, “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WILL BE HAVING A GOOD DAY?????” in my craziest, woman on a PMS rampage voice.

I still a little bit regret that I didn’t. Perhaps that woman needed a good laugh.


  1. Oh my. WHY did you not say that?!? I don’t know if I could’ve kept myself from that. You, my friend, have restraint.

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