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bedtime Can I just tell you how nice it is to be back in a routine? To have the kids in bed at a reasonable hour and not running on fumes from lack of sleep. My kids are actually fed, bathed, prayed with and in bed by 7:45. It is heavenly. And because I am not freaking out about how late it is with the kids still awake, I can take time to snuggle and talk with the girls. It is the best time to talk because right before bed as the sleepies set in, they are chattier, more focused, and more open. I learn more in those 15 minutes than I do all day.

Actually Hannah is always willing to talk about her day. I get a play by play on the way home from preschool everyday. Lily was at that age too. I am still her hero and her prayers every single night thank God that “Mommy is the best”. Lily is bit more tricky these days. I get a little bit of info after school, but it is always a bit chaotic and I can’t really pull at the strings she leaves out there so I have to bide my time.

Tonight I got a little window into her days and what is important to her and humorously how I seem to be raising a little me. Her “Mommy is the best” prayer came in the form of high praise for the P.E. shoes I had purchased for her. Apparently they come untied a lot during P.E. “forcing” her to stop playing and tie her shoes. Except she phrased it as “getting to rest and store up her energy.” I call it “doing whatever you can humanly possibly do to get out of physical exertion without getting in trouble.” I was the master of that in P.E.

But I also got insight into her friendships, her “secret clubs”, her feelings about certain school subjects and her thoughts on kissing boys. Thankfully her reaction to her classmates kissing was one of total disgust. Praying that lasts another 10 years at least. Seriously, these topics open the window for me to share my thoughts on boys, school and “mean girls”. It is priceless time, but time I could easily miss in my haste to get to my “me time” after a long day of being mom.

So I am trying to savor these moments. And savor the fact that she still will share them with me. The walls of being a teenager haven’t been built yet. I pray that taking the time to hear her heart every night will instead build a foundation for a solid relationship through the coming years. That is my deepest hope and prayer.


  1. sweet. i love that time of day, too. how great that your girls’ know how to see the positive in things, with their “Mommy is best” prayers and “getting to store up energy.” soak up those precious moments, mama! :)
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  2. so so sweet. listing to my little one’s prayers is the highlight of my day. as they get older, they are such windows into what is going on in their hearts.
    right now, i’l especially loving my 2-year-old who’s prayer sounds a little like this “babeehoooteeetaaapaaaaaaakkkekeifhja mama bee soooo heeeehaaa daddeee blahblah beee doooo jesus na AMEN!”
    we have pretty much no idea what he is saying, but the Lord does!
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  3. Posts like this make me more determined to carve out time to snuggle with my older kids before bed. Right now, with a 4-month-old who needs to nurse at bedtime and a 2-year-old who believes she can’t fall asleep without touching a body part of Mommy, I have no opportunity to sit next to my 6-year-old or 9-year-old and hear their thoughts. I’m missing it!

    You are doing a good thing.

    (And I feel the same relief that school is back in session.)

  4. This post is so sweet and warm and fuzzy. I can’t imagine raising a daughter. It is such a huge responsibility! If I ever have a daughter, I am glad I can come here…you seem to be doing such a great job. You know when to push and when to let the info flow to you and when to “bide your time”.

    And funny enough? I also like the routine of school being back in session. Even if this means I am much MUCH more busy!
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  5. Oh I can soo relate to rushing to put the kids to bed to have down time in the evening. And yes, that time before bed is when they open up the most. I have two girls (4&5) who share a room. They hold me very accountable…because they demand equal time with chatting with each of them individually. Keeping our kids’ hearts open to us and the Lord has the highest importance!
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