In An Election Season, It Only Seems Right To Ask For Your Votes

Well I am just going to assume since there were no comments in yesterday’s post we are all in agreement. Deal?

So I had a heartfelt parenting post in mind for tonight. But then the other computer that Ryan had planned on using tonight to get some work stuff done became possessed. Actually Silas spilled milk on a keyboard that was already wonky (the z, ? and arrow keys don’t work- so every time I need to use those I go searching the internet for them to cut and paste- good times).

But if I thought that was bad, I hadn’t seen anything yet. Now it randomly adds a’s and q’s whenever it feels like. Sometimes I will come over to the computer that hasn’t been touched in an hour and I see this:


Do you think it is trying to tell me something? Like keep your darn kids away from my keyboard!!

So it seems as though the “marriage expert” wife thing to do is to give the computer over to my hubby. Aren’t you impressed with my selflessness?

So I won’t leave you completely empty handed, can I use this moment to beg for your vote? I know. Horribly tacky. But it is for a trip to NYC!!! I love NYC!!!! Bird’s Eye was one of the sponsors at Blissdom and asked us how we get our kids to eat veggies. So not only is it a shameless ask for votes, but is also informative. So it is a win for everyone. Seriously, thanks if you take the time to vote (simply click over and hit the “like” button under the video).

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