I'm Sure McCain is Thrilled

  Today I realized yet again that I am not a bad driver, it is just that everyone else is. I mean what is up with the people going too slow in the pass lane, not signaling, going to slow when I need to get somewhere fast and having the nerve to slow down at a yellow light when clearly they could have made it through causing me not to be able to make it through? Seriously, outside of backing into my parents cars a few times when they are parked in my driveway, side swiping a car when trying to make a turn I probably shouldn’t have been trying to make and a whole host of other close calls, I am a really good driver. And my guardian angel will never be out of work as long as I am behind the wheel.

Today as I was rudely cut off by a person with a large Obama bumper sticker, it occurred to me that politicians running for president should seriously reconsider whether it is an effective method of persuasion to allow people to advertise you on their cars. Cause most people suck at driving. Everyone thinks they are a really good driver, but after driving for 10 or so years (ahem), I can assure you most people aren’t.

My hubby will beg to differ with you and say that he is an excellent driver that follows all traffic rules. He probably does, but last week we got lapped by a grandpa in a walker. Speed limits are made to be broken sweetie.

Anyway, the hubby got me a McCain sticker for my window and I worry that someday I am going to forget my blinker right in front of some independent voter who suddenly decides Obama is the way to vote. I am pretty sure that is not what McCain needs right now.

Back when I was a working woman, I used to do home care so I was on the road all day long. In Chicago traffic. So my day would consist of working with crabby children, driving in Chicago traffic to the next crabby child, drive in Chicago traffic 45 minutes home being cut off every few feet by some guy in a BMW (seriously, they always are driving a BMW).

So you can imagine my delight when my hubby slapped a Jesus sticker on my car. Suddenly I felt really paranoid about the way I was driving. Was it Christlike enough. Refer to the above paragraph. Pretty sure it wasn’t. So I had two choices. Obey all traffic laws, be a gentile, loving driver who lets people in when they need to merge and never screams not so Christian words at aforementioned BMW drivers OR take off the Jesus sticker. I feel as though the Holy Spirit led me to do the latter.


  1. Just please, please, please be sure to remove the sticker after the elections are over. We saw a car with a John Kerry sticker on it about a month ago and were annoyed and totally judged the driver according to their ineptness and lackitude of removing campaign sticker in a timely manner.

    Jennas last blog post..Milestones

  2. Very funny! Your hubby was trying to make you slow down and behave, wasn’t he?

    Nancys last blog post..Battle from the Revolutionary War

  3. oh, i resist branding too! i would hate for my driving to cause people to not want to know more about my Jesus… thus, no stickers for me. :-)

    Natalies last blog post..Matching…

  4. I totally took the little fish symbol thingy off of my car for that very reason! I was afraid I wasn’t being a good testimony when I drove.

    And I wanted to be able to shake my fist and give those long, glaring looks at drivers when the need arose. That’s right, I said ‘need’ because we all know that those times definitely exist!

    jubilees last blog post..Peep O’ The Week

  5. The only advertisement that I have on my car is the scraped off paint that shows the world that my diaper diaries daughter sideswiped my car with her expert driving!! However I’m quite sure they all think it from My driving–so once again the MOM covers up for the child

  6. BAH HAHAHA! You’re so right – the BMW drivers are the biggest jerks on the road. Especially in big city traffic.

    Um. No stickers here. Though I have been tempted to buy the ribbon that says, “I support magnetic ribbons”.

    Sarah @ Short Stops last blog post..Roasted Shrimp Orzo

  7. haha, we talk about this all the time in our bible study – why we don’t have the jesus fish on our car. too much pressure! I’m already paranoid enough that I’m going to cut off our preacher someday when I’m frustrated by the granddaddy drivers out there (like your hubby…. and mine too)!

    Erin Gs last blog post..No More Bowden?

  8. I have a Beatles Sgt Pepper sticker on my window…I wonder what that says about me?

    Oh, and it’s Saab drivers in Australia. Always a Saab…sorry Seinfeld, but it’s true.

    Melanies last blog post..Everything I know I learned from Toy Story

  9. :) I read somewhere that an old guy got in the fast lane and drove 5 miles under the speed limit. He felt it was his Chrisitan duty to make sure that everyone obeyed the traffic laws. I’m wondering if all the other drivers agreed it was the Christian thing to do.

    chanelirelis last blog post..Life beyond banana bread

  10. Oh how funny. Never thought of it like that!

    casual friday everydays last blog post..Toughen Up, Kid.

  11. Hehe! I was thinking about this the other day! On the way to church, I was wondering why we don’t have Res Life bumper stickers. Then Hubby drove uhh…”aggresively” and the car he passed followed us into the church parking lot. Then the light went off regarding bad advertising!

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