“I’m So Addicted To You”


So I have a confession to make. I normally don’t channel surf. We usually have enough stuff on the DVR to keep us happy. But tonight I had exhausted all my DVR possibilities outside of Phineas and Ferb and Bubble Guppies.

I flipped around the channels and there was some bizarre gravitational force that pulled me to The Bachelor. I am so ashamed.

I am not a Bachelor or Bachelorette watcher. Not that there is anything wrong with that (actually there is so much wrong with that, but I am trying to be nice). So I knew the basic premise but I didn’t completely know what to expect. I had caught a tiny bit of this show while stuck in a hotel room so I knew who the Bachelor was, but beyond that, clueless.

Oh my word y’all (yes, this calls for a y’all), this show is a freaking train wreck!! And I could not stop laughing at these poor women. Like laughing at them when they were bawling their eyes out. That can’t be right can it?

The only thing that is making me feel slightly better about tuning in is that I got some good points to make in marriage preparation classes this weekend. Oh and that I am not watching a show about celebrities high diving. What on earth is happening??????

Do you watch The Bachelor? More importantly, does it require wine?


  1. No, it would possibly drive me to drinking. However, your hubby’s comment about losing brain cells was Jen Hatmaker funny and made us both snort. You must be proud. Enjoy your elephant ride! ;)
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  2. I’ve never been a Bachelor Fan until this season. I was awe-struck by Sean’s southern gentlemen charm, and I loved how he would incorporate his principles into his comments on the show. The beginning of the season was totally for entertainment purposes, but by its end, I found myself being Sean’s cheerleader. It was so sweet to watch his love story play out on national TV. (Now that Sean’s anncounced he’ll be joining the cast of DWTS, I’ll probably be sucked into that show too!!!) I am a newer follower of yours! I look forward to reading more :)

    • I did like the fact he is a Christian. That is definitely why I tuned in. But I just don’t believe love works that way. And when she said “I’m so adddicted to you” I just saw red flags EVERYWHERE!!

  3. I ended up watching the end of it, too because I was not about to watch Hawaii 5-0 (please), first time I watched all season and I got all my eye rolling out of my system. I mean really, how are surprised to not find love on a television show with such a stellar track record, dear girl who did not get picked? Sad, sad, sad.
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  4. I watched the finale with my mom. And somehow didn’t ask too many times HOW SHE CAN HANDLE EVERY SEASON OF THIS CRAP. I can’t believe women will act like that on tv and have to go home and face up to it …

    According to Mom, yes, it requires wine.

    • I saw you tweeting that you were stuck watching it too. Actually tweeting while watching is about all that made it bearable!!

  5. I went to visit a girlfriend in Dallas on Monday night. Before I came she warned me that a group of women were coming over that night to watch the finale. I’d never seen it, but figured there would be wine and pizza, so I wouldn’t complain. Clearly, you know how I felt via facebook. Good lordy, that show is horrible. First, what girl in their right mind wants to openly compete for a man’s affection?! I can’t even begin to imagine the long term effects that has on a person/relationship. Second, you’ll never find me kissing a guy who I *know* has been/is currently kissing other women. For sport. FOR SPORT. Because while the show may say it’s in the quest for love, that is the biggest pile of bs I’ve ever heard.

    Whew. Rant over.
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