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Ah the chorus of summertime. “Mom, I’m BORED!!”

Thankfully (or maybe not) we have been crazy busy so far this summer so I haven’t had to endure it much but I also made it clear at the beginning of the summer that the “b-word” was not to be tolerated.

Because Lily is the only one who is used to full time school she is more likely to be bored. Which is crazy because she has two little built in playdates who for the most part do whatever she says. Ah the joy of being a first born.

So I told her I thought it would be great if we made an “I’m Bored” jar full of activities we could do if she was bored. It is an idea I have read on other blogs and had wanted to try for like 3 summers now. But like most brilliant ideas I come across, my follow through is pathetic at best.

Well as you might have read yesterday, Lily has much better follow through than I do. So the next day I found this on her desk:


Things to do when your (sic) bored


So far we are a bit light on ideas, but she has actually used the “jar” a few times. The best part is just making the jar was a boredom cure in itself. Score one for the brilliant procrastinating mommy.

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  1. I really like this idea! :) so smart!!!

  2. Neat idea, even if there aren’t many ideas in the jar. Visiting from WFMW. =)

  3. My daughter would probably enjoy this a lot more than my standard response, “You’re bored? Great, I’ve got some jobs for you to do.” :)
    Fun idea.

  4. Hi Diaper Diaries! I have someone adjusting to summer after a year of full-day school, too, and (after a lot of procrastination) I constructed an “I’m Bored Board” for her and wrote about it here (scroll down, it’s at the end of the post):


    I listed a lot of the activities I put up on the board, so you could make your life easier by copying them onto slips of paper and popping them right into your bowl! Happy summer!

  5. cindy says:

    great idea!! i have a suggestion for the bowl. create a treasure hunt outside. lily can create and hide the treasures and help the sibs discover the hidden wonders. we do this a lot. david LOVES it.

  6. What a great idea. I need to get my kids to work on making an “I’m Bored” jar!

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