I'm an AUNT!!

  That’s right, my baby bro is gonna be a Daddy. And I get to be an aunt!!

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mother. I think it is the absolute best job in the whole world. But an aunt? An aunt gets to spoil and indulge and not worry about the consequences. An aunt gets to give the kid too much candy, keep it up way to late, and buy it noisy annoying toys with extra batteries. Or a drum kit!! When he is 4!!!! An aunt is cool and fun and no one ever screams “You’re not nice!!” to an aunt.

Bro, remember the time Lily face planted on your watch and got her first gigantic goose egg. Remember when you gave Hannah peanuts before she was one. Yeah, I can’t wait to be an aunt…

Congrats A and B!! You two are going to be the most amazing parents. You have always been so wonderful with out kids that I think you will be naturals. I know, as parents, we set the bar crazy high, but you know there is no shame in being #2.


  1. feener says:

    i was an aunt before i was married and it was teh best, i lived close to them in nyc and got to see my nieces them all the time …it was great.

    feeners last blog post..ouch

  2. A(Adam) plus B(Beth)= C(cute, cuddly, cid)

  3. Congrats, A! I bet your parents are thrilled!

  4. This is exciting news. I so secretly love giving my neices and nephews the loud, annoying toys. You have nothing but fun in your future!

    Debbies last blog post..Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, and my home

  5. Awww congrats!

  6. Oh yay!!! Congratulations! I love being an Aunt, for all those reasons and more.

    Barbaras last blog post..Front Door Decor – Halloween Edition

  7. Congratulations! I used to buy all those noisy toys for my niece and nephews until I had kids. Then I learned about paybacks:)

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..Obi Wan-da’s discerning palate

  8. Congrats!!! I love being an aunt! You are so right about the spoiking etc. When my kids were little my sister used to get them all kinds of irritating toys and things like playdoh. Now that she is a mom she watches what she buys cuz she knows I will pay her back. When my nephew was born last year I bought him playdoh as a newborn gift as a joke. My sister knew then she was in for it.

  9. I love being an aunt! I had six nieces and nephews before I was a mom. (On my side. We also had 147 on my hubby’s side. Slight exaggeration but it was ALOT.) Spoiling and being the “cool” aunt rocks! have fun!

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Brotherly love

  10. OMG!!! How Flippin exciting! OMG, I will have to email them. So happy for you all.

  11. Awesome news! Tell A congrats for me! You will fabulous at the whole Auntie gig! :) I can only imagine how excited “grandma and grandpa” are!

  12. Destiny says:

    omg i just became an aunt this tuesday:) its the most amazing thing to be in the world she stole my heart right away:(

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