If I Had A Million Dollars

money I’d buy you some art. A Picasso or a Garfunkel. If you know not what I refer to, you are dead to me. Dead.

Actually, what would you do if someone handed you $100, no strings attached. I really, really, really want to say I would give it to someone less fortunate. I have a feeling that is what my hubby would say. Whenever we get “found” money or a raise or something he is so generous. I immediately see visions of new sassy boots.

This week I would lean towards a new wardrobe for Blissdom. Spending entirely too much of the last 7 years pregnant has killed my wardrobe. Everything seems old and outdated and lame. And how many days in a row can you wear yoga pants before it is just official? You have let yourself go. Please don’t tell me. I fear the answer.

But then I think about the last massage I had and immediately every muscle in my body starts to hurt and feel old and crickety and that is all I want. Or a facial. Or something where no little people are attached to me, soft music is playing and I am getting pampered like Paris Hilton. What has happened to her anyway? She like fell off the face of the earth. Which is neither her nor there, but honestly? It is weird.

Then I look around my house and it is pretty much just begging for a visit from a cleaning lady. The hubby treated me to one after I had Silas and it was so stinkin’ wonderful. Just to have someone else to do the toilets would be worth a nice Benjamin. Maybe I should save that for when I am potty training the little dude. I need to go on medication now in preparation for the first cleaning session post diapers. Those of you who have boys….actually I don’t even want to know. My fingers are in my ears.

What do you think? If you had $100, what would you spend it on? Yourself, your family, someone in need. Spill it in the comments.

Kodak and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this fun post. Kodak wants to know what you’d do with a surprise extra $100 if you weren’t spending it on printer ink.


  1. Like you, I want to say I would give it away. And depending on the day and what is going on around me, I just might. But I also think I would use it to pay for paint to get started on the redecoration I have been promising my girls for their room.

  2. I am totally going to have to go selfish on this on…..spa day with heated rock massage. Because I’m feeling “old” this week.
    .-= Tamm @ GreekGRITS´s last blog ..It’s in the book =-.

  3. I’d visit my local needlework shop and hand it to the first stitcher I saw walking towards the register.

    How fun would that be to just had over the $ at the register and just walk away. They’d probably think I was nuts, hahaha

  4. I would put it towards our trip home. We haven’t been back to Iowa or Texas in at least a year! We are planning to drive home in a month, it will be a long 2 weeks of driving but we need to do it before we are stationed in Guam! I am just hoping for snow in Iowa so my son can see it!

    Yoga pants sound pretty tempting too though, lol!

    • Dubuque! (Where Illinois and Wisconsin make that flat line, on the Iowa side) Where are you from in Iowa?
      The trip will be 52 hours from SC to IA to TX and back to SC!
      .-= Amanda´s last blog ..New Camera =-.

      • HA! Sounds about right! I went to those Catholic Schools =) What town has more catholic schools than public? DUBUQUE! lol!
        .-= Amanda´s last blog ..New Camera =-.

  5. I think I’d give $25 to one of those micro-lending organizations. With the rest I would probably get a massage, enjoy a book at Starbucks, see a movie and get the popcorn and soda!

  6. You should totally indulge if you ever get $100! I would love to give it away, but sadly, I’d probably pay bills, hehe.
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Growing Pains… =-.

  7. I’d order that nightgown that’s on clearance at fashionbug.com for $14, I’d go on a date w/ hubby to this one italian restaurant, and I’d buy him another of the books on his wishlist and I’d buy me another pretty shirt that fits, and if there were any money left we’d go to marble slab creamery.
    .-= Lana´s last blog ..yum =-.

  8. Kristin says:

    Hmmm, a hundred dollars could go so many places … I would like to say I would donate it, but I probably wouldn’t. I hate to say I would have to spend it on bills, because I should. I love the idea of new clothes, but at this point I need more than $100 worth! (Sad)

    But I recently took up running so I think my ideal way of spending “found” money would be on new running shoes to help me reach my goals.

  9. Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?

    (And I’d have to go with clothes for Blissdom this week!) :)
    .-= Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect´s last blog ..Short week, long to-do list =-.

  10. I would probably spend it on myself, sad to say! there are so many beautiful fabrics and yarns calling my name!!!
    .-= junglewife´s last blog ..Daily Photos: January 19-25 =-.

  11. Shannon says:

    I’d be lying if I said I’d spend it on someone else so….

    I’d either get a much needed prenatal massage or put it toward a “big girl” bed for my daughter.

  12. hotel room for a night for hubby and me, NO KIDS. Sorry if that’s inappropriate, but sometimes you just need to be where you can’t hear them, you know? And by “you can’t hear them” I obviously mean “they can’t hear you.” I think time AWAY makes us better moms when we get back.

    Want to give me $100?
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..Snowbound! =-.

  13. Mystica says:

    I’d love to buy a ticket to Chennai to indulge in a book buying orgy!!! I live in Sri Lanka where books are exhorbitant and I totally depend on the second hand market which is very good but I never get anything that comes hot off the press! I’d do anything to get The Help or something like The Other Mr. Darcy. They will take a million years to get here!!!

  14. I’d buy you a green dress…but not a real green dress, that’s cruel. :)

    No, okay, seriously. I think we would save it for something bigger, like a new air conditioner (our central a/c died almost three years ago, right after I found out I was pregnant with my first!). If we spent it (come to think of it, I DO have $100 I got last year for my birthday and just now found, so I guess this is “real” and not just an exercise), I think we’d buy a small appliance, like a toaster oven, or a good cookbook, or something else that would be useful for years to come. Okay, I’m boring! I’m one of those weird women who’d be excited if her husband bought her a kitchen utensil as a birthday present….
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Personal Financial Responsibility =-.

  15. I would get contacts. They haven’t really been in the budget, so after 11 or 12 years in them, I just went to glasses for money’s sake. I MISS me some contacts!

    Now, if it were a larger sum, I would skip the contacts and go straight for the LASIK surgery. That is my true heart’s desire!
    .-= Devion´s last blog ..Updates past due =-.

    • Don’t hate me, but I had a cousin who was the CEO of a big eye clinic and they needed patients to volunteer to try a new laser. Which sounds really scary, but they had been using it in Europe for years and it just needed FDA approval. So I got LASIK for free. It is the greatest. I hope you can get it someday!!

  16. This might sound pretty boring, but I would put it straight into our savings account. We’re trying to build it up right now. :)

  17. I’d buy birthday presents for my kids, even though their birthdays are in may, july and november. It’s good to get things like this done early. :)

  18. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Oh, love that song! :)

    If I had to spend it on myself (not giving away, spending on the kids or paying bills), then I’d put it toward a ticket to BlogHer. Because I’m determined to make it to at least one conference this year. :)

  19. If I had a million dollars I buy me a monkey, I always wanted a Monkey! Ahh BNL!

    And for the 100 dollars I’d buy some new makeup!

  20. I would buy new nursing bras and tanks for baby #2, arrving soon :) Nothing better than an nice new supportive bra!

  21. I’d sooo get a mani/pedi for Blissdom… not that I have time to get one before we leave anyway. Why do we always feel so guilty when we want to treat ourselves, anyway?
    .-= Savvy Chic Savings´s last blog ..2 Dozen Roses: $43 Shipped + 10% Cash Back! =-.

  22. Love all the ideas of new pretty things to wear, but I think I’d put it into our family vacation fund. We desperately want to visit our dear friends in Texas and meet their new baby, but can’t stand the idea of driving with 3 kids, even if it affordable. And doesn’t Texas weather sound nice right now?

  23. I would use the money to stock up my kiddo’s craft supplies. Glitter, tissue paper, cotton balls, playdough. The works. This winter is getting way too long, we need some new activities.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Pomegranate BBQ Sauce (Featuring POM Wonderful) =-.

  24. I’d either hand it to my mom (we’re always sending her money to help out) or just stick it in my wallet thinking “cool, now I don’t have to go to the ATM” and just spend it as I normally would spend any cash in my wallet.

  25. I would either a-take my family out for dinner and a movie, or b- go grocery shopping and stock up on food storage items.
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..Jenna’s Happy Harry Potter Party =-.

  26. Meghan says:

    Right now, it would probably go into the emergency fund. We’re still working on getting up to the 6 month mark. Once the emergency fund is topped off, my husband and I would split it to buy books, most likely.

  27. But not a real green dress that’s cruel!

    If I had a hundred dollars I would probably make an extra payment on my school loans!

  28. Spend it on the family for sure!

  29. I know it’s a boring answer, but I’d send it straight to Sallie Mae! We are working SO hard to pay off my husband’s student loans this year, and so we are throwing all of our extra money that way these days. I try to remember that the sooner we get it paid off, the closer we will find ourselves to financial freedom. THEN I can buy myself some sassy boots!
    .-= tiffany´s last blog ..Planet Earth is My Valentine Review and Giveaway: Beautiful Fabric Coasters =-.

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