I planned something witty, but this is what you're getting

  I wanted to write something up to my usual standards of mediocrity, but my body is not cooperating. My aunt Flo has stopped by for a visit and she is beating the crap out of me. So I am curled up in the fetal position with my bag of dark chocolate M&Ms. It is possible that I have consumed half of a bag this evening. And this after hearing a wonderful talk today by my friend Heather about controlling your cravings. I am just going to assume she forgot to put an caveat in there that there are certain times of the month where that just flies completely out the window and then you are free to eat your weight in chocolate.


  1. Eating my weight in chocolate is always my choice of therapy in any given situation! You just go right on ahead and we’ll be here when you’re feeling better!

  2. My drug of choice is the Symphony milk chocolate with almonds and toffee chips…yum…

  3. I’m sorry! I feel your pain! Evening Primrose Oil always makes me feel better … that and Ghiradelli chocolate!

  4. lifeafterbaby says:

    So, rather than taking vitamins I do eat a few ounces of dark chocolate every day. No joke. It is medicinal. My entire ‘stash’ of organic high % cacao is gone, and since they were on sale AND I had coupons, I, too, am consuming the dark choc M&M’s. Secretly. There is 1/2 bag in my underwear drawer and 3/4 bag in the kitchen cabinet behind my bottle of *ahem* vitamins. That along with stickering myself silly with estrogen patches gets me through Auntie F’s pre-visit emotional roller coaster. Heather, do you dip the Ghiradelli in the Evening Primrose Oil then eat it?

  5. Patty says:

    Wow! I don’t even eat chocolate, but you guys make it sound so good. What have I been missing out on!

  6. I completely agree! Whatever I have to stuff my face with in order to soothe my soul because the midol ain’t working on the cramps and bloating, is a-ok.

    And then I spend the next three weeks agonizing over what I ate… but it doesn’t stop me when from doing it all over again during the next visit! lol

  7. Oooh! Are the dark chocolate M & Ms really good? I haven’t tried them yet. I hear ya on the Aunt Flo thing – you eat as many of them as you want!

  8. pass the chocolate, please.

  9. lifeafterbaby says:

    p.(m)s. ladies–the Cascade Meijer has 60-70% cacao organic donates-to-charity chocolate on clearance 50% off back in the smelly room where you recycle your cans and bottles. I’m sure my male cashier thoroughly enjoyed ringing up my mountain of chocolate bars, panty liners and tampons, and a red onion. Gotta keep ’em guessing!

  10. They have dark chocolate M&M’s in something other than individual size bags??? You gotta tell me where they sell them!
    Pretty please… with chocolate on top? :)

  11. Heather says:

    Jenna’s right – dark chocolate is good for you. BUT, I wouldn’t put dark chocolate M&Ms in that category. GEt yourself some bars of organic, 70% cacao and eat an ounce every day! And, having healthy periods is all about prevention – check out your diet this past month and see if there is anything you can improve on next month. For me, it’s dairy – the more dairy I eat in a month, the worse my cramps are – but everyone’s different. Eat more leafy greens and whole grains! :) (newsletter forthcoming…)

  12. You still call it “aunt flo?” You’ve been doing that since 8th grade! I guess old habits die hard! ; )

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