I must win this contest

scanalizer.gif What is that, you ask. It is called a Scanalizer made by NeatReceipts. I saw this in Martha Stewart Living and decided I must own one, but at $200 it isn’t quite in the budget this month (or for the forseeable future). So imagine my excitement upon reading that 5 Minutes for Mom is giving 10 away. That is 10 people, so get over there and sign up. We are on a winning streak over here.

I am totally jazzed about using it to store children’s artwork. My 3 1/2 year old thinks everything she colors at Sunday school, preschool, the gym daycare, etc. is a precious work of art and God help us if she spots it in the recycle bin (I can’t keep everything people). I would love to be able to scan things so she could see that we were saving her important treasures. Of course, I would need a seperate hard drive just for her stuff, but maybe someone is giving one of those away too. Let me know if you find that. 


  1. Hey Diaper Diaries!
    Of course everything your little one does is beautiful! I have seen some of her stuff and it’s pure genius!
    On another note, the winning streak continues! I finally won something! A bib through Mama Speaks. It says Notorious B.I.B. I love it!! Gret will look so not-square in this.

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