I Got A New Drug


If you haven’t seen me on Twitter and Pinterest that much lately, I have an excuse. Actually Facebook should be honored it has survived. My relationship with my kids and husband have not taken much of a hit either because I have kind of brought them down with me.

You see, I have a new addiction. And if it is my new drug then Emily is my pusher. You see, I avoid putting games on my phone. I know my boundaries and I know that, much like having sugary foods in my cabinets, if I have a game on my phone I will play it. Too much. So I don’t put them on there.

Back during the Words With Friends epidemic of 2011, I watched people talk about epic games on Facebook and Twitter and ran the other way. Combine my need to constantly fiddle with my phone with my obsessive competitiveness over board games and I would be a goner. My house would start to look like an episode of hoarders while I gleefully scored record points on some app on my phone.

But when I read Emily’s post about a new game that was like Pictionary on your phone I was intrigued. How addicting could this be? Just a little fun drawing from time to time while waiting for appointments. Plus after seeing how badly Emily drew I figured it would be a good chance to kick her butt (see competitive nature above).

Well Houston we have a problem. I have gotten all my friends playing DrawSome and we can’t seem to stop. I don’t know why on earth it is so fun and addictive, but who knew watching someone try and draw Angelina on a tiny phone screen could be so hilarious? Throw in the challenge to draw wedgie or fart and you can see why I can’t stop.

The hubby got an iPhone last week and I think he was more excited about the fact he got to finally play DrawSome than actually having the phone. Why no I wouldn’t let him play on my phone no matter how much he begged, why do you ask? And now Lily has downloaded onto our iTouch so she is in on the action to. My favorite drawing of hers was a stick figure of a girl next to the word Gaga. I was so thankful she didn’t know how to draw Lady Gaga. Proud parenting moment ensued.

So aside from the game causing me the sad realization that I have really fat fingers, I have discovered that if this whole blogging thing goes south, I may be able to draw stick figure drawings of various celebrities for a living. It is always good to have a back up plan.


  1. WEDGIE! FOR the WIN!!!!! I love being addicted with you. DrawSome is awwweeesome!

  2. Our whole family is involved in our addiction. No joke, we’ve been known – all 7 of us – to be sitting in the living room on our smartphones and itouch, playing each other and laughing our heads off. My teen girls have started taking screen shots and creating Facebook albums of the drawings, which is hilarious. We love this game!
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  3. Addicted too! I’m prettymuchjulia on draw something!

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