I Gave Up on Perfect Long Ago

Let’s start off by saying, I am not a morning person. That might also be a ridiculous overstatement.

But every morning these darn kids of mine wake up and expect breakfast and a ride to school. Entitled brats. And so despite my attempts to sleep until 9 and let the nanny deal with the kids (wait I don’t have a nanny), I have to be somewhat functional during the 7 o’clock hour.

But there is only so much functionality in me at that time of day. And so while lunches are made, diapers changed and children fed, me getting myself together never seems to fit into the schedule.

Which is why 90% of the time you can find me in the school drop off line in some sort of pajamas with a sweatshirt thrown over the top and a hat on my head. Thankfully for most of the school year I can do that under the cloak of darkness and I don’t have to ever get out of the car. 

Today was no different. I rushed out the door and dropped my kids off and at the last minute remembered that I needed to pick up something at the dry cleaner around the corner from the school. Although I wasn’t remotely appropriately dressed for errands, I had to pick up the blazer from Land’s End that I was wearing to Blissdom (the baby decided to projectile vomit on me while I was trying it on) and this was my only chance to get it.

So I pulled up in front and ran in knowing this dry cleaner is always empty when I go. Except today. Which is why I greeted a well dressed dad from my kid’s private school (and also my bible study) dressed like this:


please excuse the grainy cell phone picture (and in general everything else going on here)

Take special note of how one pajama pant leg is tucked into my snow boots while the other is over the boot. Also you can’t get the full effect of my bedhead which is pulled into a ponytail with a ratty gym headband. At least my oversized sweatshirt has our kid’s school logo on it (because this is EXACTLY the kind of advertisement they want). I may also mention that I am missing a key undergarment.

I think it is safe to say that I put the K in Klassy. It is also probably a good idea I am leaving town for a few days and that I will be clothed in Land’s End (although after this picture they might be reconsidering their sponsorship).

The title of this post is an ode to my dearest friend Mary over at Giving Up on Perfect who is my Blissdom roomie. She will also be pleased to know that I packed my “fancy” pajamas just for her. I can’t wait to see her and all my other Blissdom peeps (and escape the 5 inches of snow and 20 degree weather we are blessed with on this first day of spring).


  1. Um, yes. I can so relate. I look like you, including the headband, during drop-off each day. Ain’t nobody got time for full makeup in the mornin’.

  2. Loved this, Jill! I can totally relate. I also like to toss on the sunglasses regardless of whether or not the sun is shining, just to add a little sass to my jammies and hide the face that I still have sleep in my eyes.

    Glad I’m not the only one! Have a blast at Blissdom!! Can’t wait to see your new outfits :)

  3. Awwww! An ode! I’ve always wanted my own ode! ;)

  4. Okay, I now have to pledge to NOT read your blog in a public space, because the uproarious laughter always produces odd looks from other patrons sipping their lattes.

    Not only do you put the K in Klassy but also the H in Hilarious.

    Keep up the great writing, my friend!

  5. It’s a good thing you aren’t en mi barrio… throwing gang signs like that with your one (PJ) pants leg tucked in and one out.

  6. Best photo caption today: (and in general everything else going on here) haaaaaaaaaa HA. :)
    Erin G @ebum1101 recently posted…Kings of St Croix (For a Week)My Profile

  7. I so wish I was at Blissdom this year. And I’m only 3 hours away. Waaahhh!

    But, girl, you and I could have worn the same outfit. Minus the snow boots. ;)
    Sarah @ Loved Like the Church recently posted…My Daughter Wants to Be a PaleontologistMy Profile

  8. No more talking bad about my uniform!
    Amy @ Finer Things recently posted…Download The Jesus Storybook Bible for $1.99My Profile

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