I Don't Wanna Grow Up (At Least I Don't Want THEM to Grow Up)

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You know how when your kids are little you think, things will get easier when they sleep through the night (although I still hope there will come a day when I will get a full 8 hours again).

And then, it will get easier when they stop throwing tantrums in public places that you have no ability to put a stop to without walking out of the store with your head down praying no one notices you.

Maybe it will get better when they are in school all day and you get a little break from each other because you seem to be driving each other crazy all day.

Or maybe it will get better when they are a little older and easier to reason with. When they can completely understand what you are saying and will listen and obey because all of your brilliant arguments.

I am watching Mean Girls tonight and remembering Jr. High and High School. Even those memories I have tried to block out. And I am thinking sleep is very overrated. Can I just keep my babies babies please?


  1. Mean Girls scares me. And I swear, when my girls hit junior high, I’m going to make them wear prairie dresses and never, ever, ever talk to boys. Ever. Ok, that might be a tad overstatement, but you get the point. And the fact that my girls are only one school year apart makes me even more nervous.

    Sleep *is* overrated.

  2. With having a child one year away from middle school, it is a smidge frightening. I tried the brick on the head thing and it just didn’t work. I’ve wiped countless tears off my sweet baby girls cheeks b/c of catty things said to her and she’s only going into 2nd grade. I was the one who said, “when they are older…” but it comes way to fast and once school started, I didn’t want them to get any older. But it is an adventure that I’m thankful I’m on with them and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I try to have the mindset that teen years are going to be the best, that there will be bumps, but we’ll get through them, b/c if I tell myself that they’re going to be horrible, they probably will be. :) Positive thinking has got to work b/c the bricks sure didn’t!

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