I Don’t Think Your Ready For This Jelly

I am going to fully admit that I judged and mocked you in my head. My Facebook stream was filled with your pathetic pleas. Blog posts talked of your obsession. And I just shook my head and thought, “You are adults. Get a grip.”

And although I have never fallen down the hole that is Candy Crush, Lily recently downloaded a new game and got me hooked. And it is shameful my friends. I can’t stop playing. I dream about it at night. It is pathetic and it is Jelly Splash.


Apparently a lot like Candy Crush, it sucks you in until you hit a wall and then you are forced to pay money to advance (it is only $1.99 the voice says, just a little money) or ask your Facebook friends to give you lives (and admit to people that you are hooked on a ridiculous, ridiculous game).

So far I have done neither. Instead I play levels over and over trying to beat this game into submission. I have even gone so far as to Google tips and cheats. It is so very shameful.

The first step is admitting your problem. I am confessing my addiction knowing there is power in saying the words, “I’m Jill. And I am addicted to Jelly Splash.” (p.s. if you get addicted to we can ask each other for help and get to the next level. #justsaying)

Have you ever been addicted to a stupid game app on your phone or Facebook?

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