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Let’s start out with a little disclosure shall we? Because of my previous relationship with Huggies, I was provided with a package of Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons to try with Silas. But I told them that I probably wouldn’t blog about it because I had tried similar products in the past and wasn’t a big fan.

But I became a fan! So I wanted to tell you all about them.

Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons do exactly what they say they will. Instead of changing a diaper on a laying down toddler who squirms and wiggles and makes things impossible, you get to change your kid standing up. Which maybe doesn’t sound more convenient, but have you ever tried to change your toddler in a public bathroom stall with no changing table? ACK!

This diaper is perfect for Silas’ age. He isn’t really near potty training age (I seriously might wait until he is ten. I am NOT up for potty training boys), but stands up when we dress him. So laying him down to change his diaper just feels kind of baby-ish to me.

My only hesitation was that the very first time I put Silas in one, he immediately pooped. Now I am not blaming the diaper. But I was freaking out about changing a poop in a diaper that slid on. Ewww. But the awesome thing is, they still have tabs!!! So taking them off is just as easy as a normal diaper. So very grateful.

I don’t know that I would buy these all the time, but I would love them for when I am out and about and a changing area can’t be found. So I will be stalking the sales and picking up a few boxes to keep on hand.

Have you tried the new Huggies Slip Ons?

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  1. I haven’t tried them yet, but will also be looking for a good sale because my 10-month-old is IMPOSSIBLE to change lying down. Thanks for your review. I was waiting to hear a good word first.
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  2. nicolerenae says:

    I bought some (took advantage of the sales) but haven’t tried them yet! I agree, it will be awhile before potty training for us, too, but I have already potty trained 2 boys…not fun, but I got through! Doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to doing it a 3rd time though… I’m glad to hear you like them!

  3. Thanks Jill, it is always great to link up each week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella
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  4. So glad my youngest is out of diapers…. however, I have to say, it was my daughter who was the hardest to potty train and NOT my two boys. (they were much easier).

  5. how are they different from regular pull ups?
    Kara Nutt recently posted…ThankfulMy Profile

  6. Eos Mom says:

    Funny you should mention this, just yesterday I did a standing diaper change with my daughter at the doctor’s office (not for lack of a table, for lack of a cooperative child), but that was with a traditional diaper, not so easy! I should definitely try these, thanks for the review!

  7. Haven’t tried them, but I have a coupon so I plan on it once I find them in the store.
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  8. ethan says:

    do you like chocolate? what about cookies? what about pie? all 3? you’re in luck – check out my COOKIE PIE post! thanks for hosting

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