Hubby's Got A Brand New Blog

ccheader2.jpg My hubby is about to launch a brand new blog and I want you all to get in on the ground floor. He still has his Huckabee blog, but he has decided to also begin one where he can talk about one of his other passions. No, not hockey (although he did have one of those for awhile too). It is called Cubicle Congregation and he is exploring the intersection of faith and work and what does that mean exactly? Anyway, I think he is brilliant and I think you will too.

Now, I know most of my readers are stay at home moms. While WE know that is valued work, we aren’t exactly getting paid for our efforts. This blog is for those of you collecting a paycheck. So if you are one of those people, check it out. If your spouse is one of these people, have them check it out. If you aren’t either of those people, still go check it out so his numbers are off the charts and he thinks he is a big stud (and he might buy me diamonds). Actually I have read his first few posts and I think we all can get a little something out of it. So head on over and I hope you enjoy!


  1. I love this concept. Our pastor was just talking about this last week. I forwarded him the link. Best of luck to hubs. (such an interesting background!) Brilliant, I tell you; just brilliant.

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