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School has started? Check. The air is getting crisper? Check. Everything I am pinning lately on Pinterest is some sort of recipe containing pumpkin? Check and CHECK. Yep, it’s official. Fall is here.

Michigan is one of the only places in the country where you begin Labor Day weekend at the beach and end it by digging out your sweaters. The temperature has really dropped over the weekend and that means the sundresses filling my kids closet are no longer going to cut it.

I pick up clothes throughout the year at garage sales, store sales and hand me downs. Then I keep them in bins organized by size. So at the beginning of each season I have piles of new clothes that might fit, a closet of old clothes that might still fit, and a kid. How do I bring these three things together in a way that involves the least whining from my kid and the least pulling out my hair from me.

I am assuming with boys I will just dump them all in a heap and he will just clothes his eyes every day, pull out something, smell it and put it on. This is solely based on years living with my dad, brother and husband. Girls are much, much (unfortunately we need to add a few more muches) more complicated.

Enter the fall and spring fashion show. We take one afternoon and pull out all the current and possible future clothes. Now we could just try them on and make piles of fits and doesn’t fit, but that is soooo boring.

So we have a dressing area, a runway and a captive audience. The girls try on outfit after outfit and I ooh and aah and they giggle and rush to try on the next outfit. It is fun and girly and there is minimal hair pulling out and whining (except over the fact that my girls STILL refuse to wear pants).

Not only do I get a good idea of what they have that fits them, but I get a good idea of what they might need. It is also a good time to put in the donate pile anything that they slightly turn their nose up to because if they aren’t wearing it for the fashion show I am NOT going to try and wrestle it onto them at 7 in the morning before school. The rule is, if they liked it during the fashion show, they can’t complain about wearing it in the future.

Seriously, the rules of fashion are brutal. It is why I never pursued that career as a high fashion model. Well that and the fact that the fashion world apparently isn’t interested in a 5’2” mom with a “I’ve had 3 kids” belly.

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  1. Sounds like what we just went through here. We had 97 degrees at the start of the weekend and now it is 69 degrees. Sigh. And my little one still prefers her dresses… I agree, if it gets a wrinkled nose when they try it on, get rid of it. Not worth the effort to try to get them to wear it later!
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  2. What a great idea for girls! I have 4 boys who pretty much wear everything I have for them without many complaints. My 4 year old daughter, however – OY! So many cute clothes in her drawer that she just won’t wear. For awhile all she wanted to wear was stripes or green. I think she might enjoy trying stuff together and showing off to her brothers.
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  3. You might be surprised — my older son (2) started caring in the last few months. He’d try to rip it off or throw a fit if I chose a polo shirt. He wanted oversized t-shirt. Yesterday he was mad because he didn’t want the superhero shirt, he wanted the robot shirt. Which he is wearing today and is quite pleased.

    My daughter (3.5) still beats that. She wants either ratty sweatpants and oversized t-shirts…or dresses. On Saturday (95 degrees) she wanted to wear a sweater. On Tuesday (65 degrees), she wanted shorts. She also has a habit of changing her clothes multiple times per day (which I am trying to stop because I hate extra laundry) because “that’s not pretty”– even if she picked it.

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