How To Style a Dress That Is A Too Big

It only makes sense that the week I announce I am no longer going to run my own blog carnival I would link up to a new carnival. It seems like a very me kind of thing to do.

You see Jenny and Emily over at Mommin It Up have been blog friends for a long time and they told me yesterday they were going to start a brand new carnival called Pin For The Wednesdays where bloggers could link up posts about things they had pinned on Pinterest and actually accomplished. (you ARE following me on Pinterest, right?)

So I said to Jenny, “Well that is cool and all, but I am a serious writer now. No time for carnivals.” Ok so I didn’t really say that, but I did immediately think, “So wait, I am supposed to actually DO the things I pin on Pinterest?”

But then today as I was getting dressed I had a few outfits that I had pinned in my brain and decided to see if I could pull it off. I felt like I pulled it off well and loved the way I looked but then realized I had nowhere to go and was looking pretty spiffy. So I posted this to Facebook:

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As you can see, Jenny wasted NO time pimping out her blog. That is kind of how she rolls. And since she has been so good about linking up to Things I Love Thursday over the years I figured I could repay the favor.

So here are a few pins I was inspired by:

Source: everydaymomstyle.wordpress.com via Jill on Pinterest

Source: shabbyapple.com via Jill on Pinterest

I had this dress/ shirt thing I got on a deal site like a year ago and have never known quite what to do with it because frankly it is a size too big and therefore quite unflattering. Here is what it looks like in its natural state.

 fashion bloggers seem to always pose outside. FTR it is 38 degrees in this picture. Brrr.

Using Pinterest as inspiration I managed to take this dress I had never worn and paired it with a cardigan I picked up at a second hand store and didn’t quite know what to do with and put together what I think is an adorable outfit.

It gives me a much better defined waistline (although it is driving me batty that I didn’t pull down the sweater that is pouching up there on the right) and I look put together with minimal effort. I love wearing dresses with leggings because unlike tights I feel like I have a little more freedom to do all the bending and floor sitting that being a mom requires. I might try the outfit again with a brown belt and brown boots just to mix it up a bit because I am loving the black/brown trend that I am seeing all over Pinterest too.

What is your favorite fashion inspiration for "mommy fashion"?

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  1. So cute! You did a great job putting that outfit together. I have yet to make a fashion board because I am super-intimidated. But you have inspired me. Thanks so much for linking up even though you are a big-time, serious writer. :) Carnivals are great for when us serious artists can’t think of anything to seriously write that day. Heh. xo Hope you’ll come back and link up when pinspiration strikes!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…Announcing…Pin For The Wednesdays!My Profile

  2. Adorable! I really need to get back into my fashion groove. I’m at that super awkward post baby stage where my pre-baby clothes *almost* fit perfectly, but still aren’t the best. I’ve put off buying anything new in the hopes of being fully back into pre-baby clothes soon. But seeing how you made a too big dress work, makes me think I should get something cute now and then improvise with it later.
    Sarah recently posted…A Month of Instagram PicturesMy Profile

  3. That is totally amazing the transformation that sweater belt combo make on that dress!! It ends up as a truly chic and adorable outfit. Great job from one fashion blogger to a new up and coming one :)
    MainlineMom aka Sarah recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Run 4 The ChildrenMy Profile

  4. Super cute!! Makes me want to go shopping!
    Now…I’d love to see the brown/black trend…because, although I’ve always [even when it was against fashion to do so] mixed them…I am contemplating returning a top I got recently that I would pair with black leggings, because I only have brown boots that would go with it :/ ??

  5. ridiculously adorable.
    designhermomma recently posted…My helper, my heart, my Piper.My Profile

  6. So cute! I wore a really cute outfit yesterday to take my daughter to dance and to buy a TV. So the people at Best Buy got a real treat. I failed to take a picture. Of course. I love Jo-Lynne for fashion! And just Pinterest in general.

    And I hate to burst the carnival bubble, but there are a few Pinterest–I actually did it type carnivals. But I’m sure this one is the best one! ;)
    nicole recently posted…My Legs Are My FavoriteMy Profile

  7. I love the outfit you put together–nicely done!

  8. I so would never-in-a-million-years thought to pair that dress with the cardigan and belt. I guess I don’t think outside of the box enough, because it was a brilliant solution!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} recently posted…Take A Leap Around The Blogosphere {Ten Facts About Me}My Profile

  9. You look fabulous! I seriously have got to be more adventurous with my outfits. I love the way other people look, I’m just too scared of looking like a dufus, I suppose! :)
    Phoebe @ Getting Freedom recently posted…Coupon Matchups and Freebies at WalmartMy Profile

    • I have just decided that I am going for it. I swear reading a few fashion blogs and checking out Pinterest has made me more willing to try new combos. I say GO FOR IT!!

  10. I’m just not cool enough to be a fashion blogger but I LOVE your outfit… maybe you’ll inspire me.
    PS – Thanks so much for the comment on my last post, no guilt trips on TILT… all good things…
    ememby recently posted…Things I Love Thursday… Technology and ParentingMy Profile

  11. Hey, I have that gray dress…Shabby Apple, right? Mine’s a little frumpy too, but it’s just so comfortable I throw it on when I can’t find anything else :)
    Staci Brown recently posted…Saturday StumblesMy Profile

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