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You would think by reading this title this would be a post where I tell you how to throw an awesome party. But here is the thing…..party planning is not my forte. Well the food part is. But the themes, the decorations, the entertainment are not my thing. The theme is usually overly simplistic. The decorations could be described as minimalist and the entertainment…..well I usually hire that part out.

Thankfully, I have friends like Mary who is great at planning parties. And she is not keeping her secrets to herself. She has written an eBook, Plan a Fabulous Party- Without Losing Your Mind, telling you how to do it too.

Let me be clear. I would not promote some party planning eBook that required you to be the Martha Stewart of party planners. My bar for party planning needs to be really low or I am going to get frustrated 2 pages in. Mary gives totally practical, but even better, totally DOABLE tips to throw any party. And she does it in the same way she writes her blog, with a lot of fun and humor thrown in (ooh plus a lot of fabulous quotes which made me smile).

Plan a Fabulous Party- Without Losing Your Mind costs $7.99 and includes:

  • 50+ pages of advice and encouragement
  • Party planning templates from ListPlanIt (these are so fantastic!!!)
  • Survival stories
  • Last-minute cleaning tips
  • Buy in pdf. or Kindle format

If you buy the book by November 15th, you will get it for only $4.99 with the discount code FABPARTY.

And the absolute best part about this book is that Mary is generously giving a portion of the proceeds from the book to Operation Christmas Child. It is the PERFECT book with all the holidays coming up. So grab your copy!!

This post contains affiliate links but I ADORE Mary and am happy to promote her fabulous book. And not just because she talks about me in the acknowledgements. This post is also linked up to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.

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