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WFMWWe have a bit of a fruit fly problem right now. I’m sure what happened buy we came back from vacation and they were buzzing about in our kitchen (do fruit flies buzz?) It is almost like a teenager whose parents take a trip and the call all their friends and say “Kegger at my house!” Except in this case it was fruit flies saying “Owners left some garbage in the house. PARTY!!”

Thankfully my husband is a very skilled fruit fly catcher. I don’t know where he found out how to do it but he set up his MacGyver-esque contraption last night and as of mid morning today we had 7 fruit flies swimming to their demise. Let that be a lesson to teenagers everywhere. Partying while your parents are away leads to death.


To catch the flies, you will need fruit. Well you don’t have to have fruit, but if you can put some out on the counter it will help draw the flies towards your trap (insert evil laugh). Then make a funnel out of a small piece of paper. Fill a wine glass or vase with apple cider vinegar or white wine an inch high. Tape the funnel in the top (hole of funnel should be 1/2" or under). The fire flies are drawn to the sweetness and can get in. But they can’t get back out!

fruitflyI apologize for grainy photos. My camera broke on vacation and all I have is a cell phone Sad smile

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  1. Eureka! That’s super smart. I hate those nasty, swarming pests. So gross! But, should I get them, I’ll remember this super smart solution!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    We’ve had those nasty guys hanging around at our house before too. We did the cut up some fruit, put it in a container cover the container tightly with plastic wrap, poke some holes in it with a tooth pick and leave it out for a while (overnight works well). Presto, you’ve got some flies trapped in there. Release them outside and hopefully you won’t see them again! Hope you get rid of them quickly! They are annoying!!

  3. We’ve done the same thing at our house, only it was by accident!

    Fruit flies make me crazy!

  4. Mr. Diaper Diaries says:

    mmm… apple cider-marinated fruit flies. great with a little kosher salt.

  5. Ugh. I hate those nasty buggars.

  6. I JUST had to search for the same remedy. I came home from vacay 2 weeks ago to a few house flies….that have multiplied. After searching on the internet, I came across 2 suggestions: first, fill a jar with a little ACV and dish soap. Fill with water to make bubbles. The flies like the ACV and get stuck in bubbles.

    Didn’t work at all.

    Will be trying above suggestion, but I will be using a coke bottle. Cut off the top, and invert! Instant funnel. Hope yours works!!!!

  7. I hate fruit flies! That is a nice little trap you guys rigged up. I would definitely use the vinegar to kill them though — no use wasting white wine on the fruit flies! I liked your tip so much I featured it on my site’s weekly link round up. You can see it here:

    Cleaning, Laundry & Stain Removal Links For The Week

    Thanks for the instructions! I will definitely use this tip sometime, I’m sure.

  8. Hannah says:

    Great tip! If you don’t feel quite as MacGyver-y in the future, you can just put apple cider vinegar (or balsamic – I think any fermented fruit product works, really) in a cup/bowl/whatever with just a drop or two of dish soap carefully stirred in. According to the internets, the soap breaks up the surface tension on the water, so when they try to land on it, they drown instead. Whatever the science, it’s always worked for us!

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