Works For Me Wednesday- How to Get Chocolate Out of Your Brand New White Pants

WFMW I have desired a pair of white jeans for quite some time now. But I could never find ones that fit right or were the right length. Plus I went back and forth over the practicality of owning white anything with a new baby. But fashion won out over common sense (as often does with the high heels I wear to wedding receptions) when I found the PERFECT pair at JcPenny. I began to wear them all the time and marvel at my ability to keep them relatively clean.

Oddly enough it was not the children that did me in. It was the peanut butter chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce that did it. And of course it was the very last bite that landed squarely in my lap. SERIOUSLY? Well I threw some stain remover on them and threw them in the wash. But before I could check them, my hubby threw that load in the dryer. And BAM, stain is set. There might have been wailing, gnashing of teeth and torn sack cloths. I pretty much resolved that my dream of owning cute white jeans had died (and along with it a little part of my soul).

But don’t despair ladies, I have discovered a way to get chocolate out of clothes. Which is good news for the clothes but even better news for my love of chocolate.

So what you do is get some water softener. I found it in the laundry section. I think Borax might work, but I got something that was specifically labeled “water softener”. Mix the softener and water and dip the stain in. I wasn’t too specific with amounts and I am not sure that matters. Then use your knuckles to rub the fabric together. Keep dunking and rubbing until the stain is nearly gone. Then launder in cold water as usual.

Well kind of “as usual”.  My new Frigidaire Affinity Washer has a stain setting. The Stain Clean setting adds a 5-minute soak in the middle of the wash portion of the cycle. So not only is the pre-treatment stain product working, but the actual laundry soap gets a chance to work extra hard as well. Whatever is going on, my pants are saved. Hallelujah. Now, if only my washer could somehow add on a few inches so they weren’t so tight after vacation eating……

*This post was written as part of the Frigidaire Moms campaign from Mom Central. I was provided with a washer and dryer to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine. This post is also linked to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


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