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I am a corn snob. It isn’t my fault. I grew up in Iowa. And if you dare suggest that corn from where you are tastes as good, but you would be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Last year I got to go back to Iowa and pick up a ridiculous amount of corn. I came back and spent a stupid amount of time boiling it and cutting it off the cob. I ended up with three gallon bags full of corn. But I had to work for it.

This year I did NOT get to go back to Iowa (insert very sad trombone) so I had to settle for Michigan corn. Thankfully it is a very nice second place. But I have been canning, freezing and cooking so much this summer I just need some summer short cuts. CAN I GET AN AMEN???

So I turned to Facebook. And asked for one of those corn zipper things that makes getting the corn off the cob a breeze. But I struck out in finding one AND was treated to a delightful story about someone losing the tip of their finger. So I ran from the zipper.

But several people mentioned an angel food cake pan and an electric knife. Of course they mentioned it like I should know what they were talking about. And of course I pretended I did. And then I came home and got out my angel food cake pan and started shucking corn.


(isn’t my backsplash lovely? and my kitchen lighting divine?)

First you boil it like normal. Then stick on end in the whole in the middle and while you shave off corn it simply falls into the pan. The electric knife makes everything super fast and super easy. Rotate the corn or rotate the pan. It is really up to you. I am a convert. Never will I lose a finger to corn zipper!! Works for Me!!

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  1. Nice! Because of course, kids won’t eat corn on the cob anyway. At least, my kids won’t. :-)
    Susan @ defrumpme.com recently posted…{Tech Tuesday} Treasure Hunting AKA Geocaching (App Review)My Profile

  2. BUT…..easier than a knife is this little contraption by Pampered Chef….I freeze over 50 quarts of sweet corn for my family each fall and wouldn’t leave home without it! :)


  3. I put a cutting board in my bowl and just cut the corn off with a regular knife. This looks way easier although I don’t have either :). My mom just bought a special corn knife from
    pampered chef so I’ll see if that thing actually works. I freeze all my leftover corn so I need something handy!
    Miranda recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Bride & GroomMy Profile

  4. so smart. who knew!?
    Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} recently posted…How to Wear Short-Sleeves Into Fall | Fashion FridayMy Profile

  5. Wow, Jill! Very cool. I’ve been cutting kernels off corn cobs for many many… many years. And this is the best method I’ve ever seen. I haven’t baked an angel food cake in years, so why not put my pan to good use again! I can’t wait for next summer’s crop. Thank you.
    Patti Winker recently posted…Sunday Funnies – Jeanne Robertson Explains Camping To The UninitiatedMy Profile

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