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Now that I have started posting about fashion weekly I have some real life friends who are asking for fashion help. I am flattered they would ask.

The truth is, while I have always appreciated fashion, I am not sure I am completely qualified to help someone else find their personal style. But I can tell you a little bit about how I have found mine.

Step one, I did a nice little purge of my closet of anything that wasn’t flattering, wasn’t realistically going to fit me anymore (ugh) and/ or I hadn’t worn in awhile. Although I did take a few things I hadn’t worn in forever and find new ways to wear them I hadn’t thought of before, like this striped shirt. Mostly I just tried to get down to the stuff that was 100% me. I find you really need to do this every season.

The I fill in any holes I find. Every woman should own a pair of jeans they feel awesome in. Other basics I think are musts are a great pair of boots, a white blouse and a classic LBD (little black dress). When I spend money on fashion I tend to invest in pieces that are classic and not trendy. Well invest is relative. I am too cheap to spend big money on anything. But with trends I go really cheap. Old Navy, H&M, Target cheap. That way if it only lasts a few minutes I’m not out much money.

I have unsubscribed to almost all the magazines I used to read. Which was a shocking amount. But I still love my subscription to InStyle. Yes, it is mostly celebrities and ridiculously expensive things I can’t afford, but it does give me ideas that I can replicate in my cheap, cheap way. One Hundred Inspirations is another great way to find celebrity inspired outfits for less. And People Stylewatch is my fave beauty shop/ airport/ waiting in the checkout line read.

For about six months I have been reading more fashion blogs and they have given me the confidence to start taking little fashion risks while better defining my core style. The more I see what other people are wearing, the more I can see what I like and don’t like about fashion. As I get older I also have more confidence about what trends I am willing to embrace and what ones I will take a pass on. Fashion carnivals like What I’m Wearing Wednesday and Dress For The Day are also great things to peruse.

Last but not least, make sure to check out Pinterest. I have two fashion boards over there where I pin things I love from blogs or repin from Pinterest itself. Often times I use them for inspiration when I get dressed in the morning.

Most importantly I dress with confidence and a smile. Yet, that is a total cliché, but I find when I dress with confidence I pull off things I didn’t think I could. So ladies, stand up straight (takes a few pounds off too), flash your pearly whites and let your inner beauty shine through.

How do you find your personal style? And what questions haven’t I addressed?


  1. As I was shopping yesterday, I was thinking about this. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I LIKE. Too many years of pregnancy and breastfeeding and having absolutely no expendable income seem to have ruined me. Not that I’ve ever been real fashionable.

    I think from Pinterest, I’ve deduced that I like ruffles, bows, and girly details. I like structured stuff. But I’m also a SAHM, need to be able to nurse, and get spit up on. It’s hard to figure out what to buy and what to spend. Plus I’m plus-sized and big-breasted but short … it’s a puzzle to me. I think I just want simple t-shirts but then I HATE them. It’s just not me. But I don’t know what is.

    In short, I just need you to come to Chattanooga and go shopping with me. I do have jeans I love, does that count?
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  2. Lately, I’ve been adding nice pieces for speaking engagements I have coming up. I’ve been trying to reflect my personality more in my clothing…a little fun, a little hippie (on occasion). Today, at Target, I tried on a maxi skirt (it’s just black) and I actually thought “this is so Jill…she would approve”. And I LOVE it! I can’t wait to wear it! :)

    Thanks for posting do-able fashion tips. I’m getting there little by little.
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  3. It’s taken me 40 years to figure out my personal style! LOL. And it’s always evolving, as we age and our bodies change. I really love the challenge that participating in What I Wore Wednesday has been for me – and seeing myself in photos is so incredibly enlightening!!! I highly recommend it, even if you don’t ever publish them anywhere. It really helps to see yourself the way others may see you.
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    • I totally agree. I have been taking a lot more pictures. I would link them up more but my house has terrible lighting and it has been so freaking dreary out. As soon as it perks up I will do more.

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