How Do You Wipe Your Bum?

So. Let’s talk about bums.

A few years ago, when Dr. Oz was just coming on the scene and his books were all the rage, I heard him say something that forever changed my life.

If you got feces all over your hand, would you wash it off or wipe it with dry toilet paper? Exactly. You’d run over to the sink faster than a sprinter in an Olympic qualifier. So why do we wipe ourselves with dry, sandpaper-like toilet paper after we go to the bathroom? It’s also not the right leaning system because it is irritating and increases the likelihood of getting hemorrhoids.                                                            From You: The Owner’s Manual

Deep and profound right? But in all seriousness, doesn’t he have a point? I mean, I get that it isn’t exactly polite to talk about poop in mixed company (although as moms that doesn’t seem to stop u), but I think it is time I come clean.

I am steadfastly, enthusiastically, pro- cleansing wipe. You wouldn’t change a baby’s diaper with toilet paper alone, so why aren’t you treating your own bum the same?

We made the switch back in 2007. How do I know? Because I blogged about it (of course!!) I have never really shied away from discussing bodily functions and apparently I’ve been blogging about poo for quite some time. A few things have changed since 2007, but my love of wipes has remained steadfast.


Here are the facts:

In our house, we teach our kids the wet + dry combo and I giggled when I saw Cottonelle was promoting the same thing. We are huge Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths fans because we have found a few other brands to be irritating to my kiddos sensitive skin. But the “doggy wipes” as Silas calls them (because they have a dog on their log0), are the one kind that doesn’t seem to irritate. We tell the kids to wipe first with normal toilet paper and follow with a cleansing cloth to get themselves nice and clean. A one-two punch if you will.

I’d say after 7 years, it works really well for our family. Can’t imagine dealing with number two any other way.

Here are some other facts in case you have questions about the safety of Cottonelle® Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths in your septic system. They feature SafeFlush Technology and start to break down immediately after flushing.

They are:
– Flushable
– Break up after flushing
– Sewer- and septic-safe
– Alcohol-free
– OneTouch dispensing tub
– Great for the entire family

You should definitely try it for yourself! Head over to the Cottonelle Facebook page to hear Cherry Healey talk about bums and Cottonelle? I laughed because we call them bums in our family and now it feels very British of us. Like we should be drinking tea and eating scones on the pot. You can also snag a $1.50 coupon to save on Cottonelle Clean Care TP & Flushable Cleansing Cloths. 

Do you use flushable wipes in your bathroom routine?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Cottonelle, but my undying devotion for their wipes is all my own!


  1. I love using them when I travel to countries where they don’t often have toilet paper available (they think it is gross to use toilet paper . . . why wouldn’t you just wash yourself?) since I can’t bring myself to use the bucket in the corner.
    Wendy @ Wholistic Woman recently posted…5 Things to Take When You’re StressedMy Profile

  2. You know, I don’t really talk about bathroom THINGS often. But I will say this: I haven’t consistently bought or used wipes, but your post truly makes me want to. BECAUSE I suspect it would help save on some, AHEM, laundry issues I have with a certain child in my house…
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough FrostingMy Profile

  3. I freaking love those things. Anything that keeps my kids in the bathroom WITHOUT ME taking care of their business is a WINNER! Cottonelle are def my favorite.
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…Shoppin’ it up at my happy place: CVSMy Profile

  4. OMG hilarious. I never quite thought of it that way…..
    Jo-Lynne Shane {Musings of a Housewife} recently posted…Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 04.23.14My Profile

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