Holiday Break

It is that time of year when I feel my to do list pressing down on me and the joy getting sucked out of this season. I hate that feeling. And I really hate it when this blog that I love becomes just another thing on the to do list. So after finishing off one last blog committment, I will be taking the rest of December off to enjoy some down time with my family and friends. Hopefully I will come back in January refreshed and with a lot to say.

Speaking of that last blog committment, it is a Twitter party Wednesday night at 8pm with Milk Means More talking about wine and cheese pairings using Michigan cheeses. As part of my job as co-host I have to purchase various wines and cheeses to sample during the party. The life of a blogger is HARD. I’d love it if you would join me. There are prizes to be won so come talk about two of my favorite things!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family. May you be able to find moments of peace and joy to reflect on the gift of our Savior. Emmanuel, God with us. Truly amazing.


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